“If one could create their Legacy so easily, there would be more success stories to talk about…”

Why must Organizations incorporate Executive Coaching?

The leader’s start of a journey is quite different from a leader’s conclusion in a company.

Breaking it down, leaders begin their journey by looking forward to achieving the various goals they’ve set in place. Their vision and mission are what lead them into covering remarkable milestones.

On the other hand, a former who is about to transition out of an organization has a completely different mindset. He or she has had a long journey with experiences and success stories to share. There’s wisdom in every setback and a sense of achievement in every goal met.

But, it is these very leaders at different stages of their journey that require Executive Coaching. In this blog, we’ll help you explore the overview picture of what Executive Coaching is all about.

What does Executive Coaching and Mentoring mean?

Executive Coaches India entails a trained coach that works on a one-on-one basis with a senior leader or an executive of the organization. The main goal of the Executive Coach is to ensure that the leader enhances their performance and abilities, and achieves their professional goals.

Krescon Coaches goes a step further to make sure that each leader attains the level of a legend. The coaching techniques are designed to ensure that the leader leaves behind a legacy that younger leaders can emulate and use for the betterment of their journey.

How an Executive Coach will work with you

“A mentor leaves behind a lesson to learn and to build.”

The Executive Coach will focus on improving the executive’s or leader’s leadership skills. Loopholes or gaps in work performance will be identified, and special Krescon programs will be applied to help the leader develop sound strategic thinking. They will be coached to overcome any obstacles hindering their progress.

Executive Coaching for young leaders – the transitioning-in phase

When a young executive with knowledge as their first line of defense enters a new company, they need guidance. They need to feel comfortable in their space so they can lead. Experience will come as they work towards being a better leader. An Executive Coach will help them to transition into the company smoothly.

This type of coaching involves training the individual executive through a variety of techniques. This may include assessments, feedback, goal setting, action planning, and ongoing support. 

All this training and coaching is done within an environment that is safe and confidential. This way, the executive or leader can explore their strengths and weaknesses, get constructive self-reviews, and develop new angles on their leadership approach and style.

The ultimate goal of an Executive Coach is to help young leaders become more effective and successful leaders. They can be trained to drive positive change within the organization and achieve their professional aspirations.

Executive Coaching for former leaders – the transitioning-out phase

“What will you leave behind for those yet to fill your shoes?”

As mentioned earlier, the role of an Executive Coach doesn’t just fall within the bracket of coaching a young leader who transitions into the organization. Senior leaders who are about to also leave an organization or retire also require a transitioning-out coaching phase. This is beneficial both for the senior leader and the company as well.

Many former leaders have had to leave the organization during their time of retirement without a proper exit. By a proper exit, we mean the transitioning-out phase.

This is where an Executive Coach also plays the role of a Succession Coach.

“After working with multiple leaders and organizations as Succession Coach, what I have realized is that for any Leader, it is his legacy that matters the most. The leader’s dreams of his legacy continue to thrive and evolve under the protection and guidance of the new leader. I firmly believe that the focus on Legacy deepens the emotional bond and creates positive energy all around. A Succession Coach can transform the critical double transition period from low energy, extremely stressful handover-based approach into a high energy, deeply connected, Legacy oriented focus.”  

Coach Anish

Executive Coaching is an important step for any leader who wishes to build his or her legacy. If you want to know how Krescon Coaches can help you build your legacy, gain more knowledge about Executive Coaching from The Best Leadership Coaches in India

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