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We are a group of internationally accredited coaches on a mission to transform LEADERS INTO LEGENDS. With our decades of experience, we deliver what every leader is entitled to create for themselves – a LEGACY.

We are driven by the purpose of Creating Legends by empowering you to become a SAVANT LEADER and achieve great heights in all aspects of life to experience “POORNA” or true fulfillment.


This thought and drive to become a legend by eternalizing your legacy will serve humanity and society as a whole. It will become a driving force towards excellence and shape your dreams for glorious posterity.

The only Immortality project that really works is of creating your legacy which transforms you into a legend.

an Our Journey

About the Founder

DR ANISH RAKHEJA ICF PCC, Agile Team Coach, Jyotish Acharya, NLP & TA Practitioner

Introducing you to Dr. Anish Rakheja, the founder of and visionary behind Krescon Coaches. 


Coach Anish as he is affectionately called has become a visionary leader himself. Earning a degree from IIT Roorkee and IIM Mumbai, Dr. Anish’s flourished over three life-changing decades with his training and expertise. He has an extensively rich background in senior leadership roles within Fortune 500 companies including being personally part of multiple startups as well as advising and guiding entrepreneurs across diverse sectors like hospitality, education, real estate, and healthcare.


Driven by the profound purpose to inspire and shape lives, Dr Anish sought to cultivate legendary leaders. He identified a crucial gap in the corporate world that fuelled unstructured transitions for leaders entering and exiting organizations with little or no consideration for the survival of their Legacy. Witnessing this gap ignited his mission to assemble a team of seasoned and accredited coaches. Through this, he inspired leaders to focus on their higher purpose and lead lives driven by true inclinations and natural interests. He firmly believes that identifying the ‘WHY’ of their existence is significant for leaders to reach the topmost heights of their journey. 


Dr Anish has done ground-breaking work in creating and crafting the NDP framework for career transformation. Furthermore, his revolutionary work in the ARISE coaching framework for legacy creation has earned him global acclaim, enriching his reputation as an innovator in the coaching realm. 


Beyond his corporate pursuits, Dr. Anish is a bestselling author and an avid student of ancient Indian Philosophy & Psychology. Dr Anish has also played a major part in the publication of a paper titled – “Human Consciousness – An Emergent Property of the Brain or A Fundamental Property of the Universe?”

A SAVANT LEADER – Epitome of Leadership Thinking

Ever hear of a Savant Leader?

It’s the ultimate stage after crossing the phase of Servant Leadership.

A Savant Leader is the one who understands the philosophy behind their own existence. They become a leader that abides in their heightened state while interacting with the world, fulfilling their Dharma or Duty. This is when a leader is better able to gather the building blocks of their legacy.

Leadership is not simply about serving others. It’s a journey that starts from contemplating on Knowing and Being, culminating with the realization that Knowing is Being and Being is Knowing.”.
~ Coach Anish

Why we are your Reliable Legacy Coaches

We’re here to make sure that you become a leader with complete clarity of Vision – Values – Identity – Purpose

Your leadership pilgrimage does not depend on a one-time coaching conversation or a few appointments filled with common life lessons. We’re in it for the long haul! We’ll stay committed to the very end to ensure that your inner leader outshines the existing individual within, making an impact in your life and the life of others. Only then will we, as Krescon Coaches, receive our true reward – the fulfillment of our mission as Legacy Creators.

This is why we implement a range of proven techniques and methodologies to navigate your path towards the pinnacle of leadership grooming. Our experiences also teach us that there is a far deeper meaning to life than meets the eye.

Building your Legacy is Essential

We believe that Family or Corporate Businesses are the backbone of every country and deserve to live in the hearts of future generations. Through external alignment and internal stability, any business has the potential to remain relevant and grow irrespective of the changing environment. We are here to partner with you in your journey as a leader to ensure that the future generations consciously understand the relevance of building one’s legacy. Your legacy should do justice to the hard work you invested to fulfilling your goals.

Taking a leaf from Robin Sharma’s best seller, “Who Will Cry When You Die,” our legacy coaching services are designed specifically to guide you in structuring your thoughts and find clarity regarding the legacy that you want to leave behind.

We help, guide and transform every leader based on our three core values:




The information you share is secure with us. We are committed to confidentiality with all details stamped by Non-Disclosures. We will take it upon ourselves to ensure that you are benefitted as a leader from this transformational journey, while you can rest assured of our experience as accredited coaches to make you the legend that you are meant to be.