I won't be a rock star. I will be a legend.

-Freddie Mercury

Legacy that Deserves to Live

We believe that the Family Businesses are the backbone of every country and deserve to remain live in the heart of future generation. Though the external alignment and internal stability, any family business has the potential to continue to remain relevant and grow irrespective of the changing environment.

We are there to partner with you with a single endeavor to ensure that the future generation consciously becomes part of the family heritage and understand the relevance and importance of continue to grow the legacy that is passed on to them through multiple generations.

Creating Legends

Legends are not born; they are made! And we are the best at creating legends. Your legacy should do justice to the hard work over the years and the efforts and time you have dedicated to fulfilling your goals.

Taking a leaf from Robin Sharma’s best seller, “Who Will cry when you die,” our legacy coaching services is designed specifically in helping you to structure your thoughts and find clarity regarding the legacy that you want to leave behind.

The Drive Within

Our goal is to transform and empower people to achieve great heights, reach their full potential, and bring a positive change in themselves and the world.

This drive to become a legend and leave behind a legacy that will serve humanity and the environment should be the primal force driving us toward excellence and shaping our dreams for a glorious posterity.

We believe in creating a sense of purpose in all our clients while following the three fundamental tenets of being truly human:

Looking for a coach?

Coaching With Krescon – Time to Pause, Reflect, and Get in Sync With Your Inner Greatness

What you leave behind is not what is engraved in stone monuments, but what is woven into the lives of others.

- Pericles

Anish Rakheja- Founder of Krescon

Mr. Anish Rakheja or Coach Anish, as fondly called by his clients and team, is the founder, Director, and CEO of Krescon Coaches – A global premier and exclusive Family Business Coaching and Career Transformation firm with a presence in multiple continents. Krescon coaches work with entrepreneurs, leaders, and business families across the globe to ensure their legacy continues for posterity.

A graduate of IIT Roorkee & an MBA with an industry experience of over 20 years, Coach Anish has worked with Fortune 5 companies in senior leadership positions and delivered services to Billion Dollar conglomerate. He is also an advisor and seed investor in multiple startups in the hospitality, education, real estate, and healthcare sector.

An International certified coach and career mentor, Coach Anish’s expertise is coaching the next generation in managing their career aspirations, ownership transition, succession planning, communication strategies, governance structure, and value alignment for long-term multi-generational success and survival of the family legacy.

Coach Anish is also an author of a best seller as well as an eternal student of Astrology. He has been acknowledged worldwide for creating the powerful NDP framework for career transformation and designing the most comprehensive ARISE coaching framework for Legacy creation.

Coach Anish is based in Delhi and established the Krescon group to passionately pursue his vision of “Creating Legends.