I won't be a rock star. I will be a legend.

-Freddie Mercury

The ideology of Krescon is to empower people through its varied program. its principle lies in coaching and mentoring people through the exceptionally designed models of ARISE and NDP. We have introduced an exclusive theory of Astro-coaching and Astro-profiling to transform the life of a person.

Our objective is to be the guiding star in your quest for rediscovering and redefining yourself during your journey of self-discovery, leading to inner transformation and, in the process connecting with your blissful potential. Our mission is simple and sweet. Be dedicated and committed to our client’s success and be there for them anywhere and anytime in their quest of finding the true meaning of Being Human.

Creating Legends

Legends are not born; they are made! And we are the best at creating legends. Your legacy should do justice to the hard work over the years and the efforts and time you have dedicated to fulfilling your goals.

Taking a leaf from Robin Sharma’s best seller, “Who Will cry when you die,” our legacy coaching services is designed specifically in helping you to structure your thoughts and find clarity regarding the legacy that you want to leave behind.

The Drive Within

We believe every individual and what they have to offer the world is unique. But not everyone dares to give back something to the world! To bring a change by leaving behind a better world and giving more than we take, we set off on this journey to inspire people.

Every day we try our best to attain a greater sense of universal responsibility by helping people leave behind something and become great leaders.

Our goal is to transform and empower people to achieve great heights, reach their full potential, and bring a positive change in themselves and the world.

This drive to become a legend and leave behind a legacy that will serve humanity and the environment should be the primal force driving us toward excellence and shaping our dreams for a glorious posterity.

We believe in creating a sense of purpose in all our clients while following the three fundamental tenets of being truly human:

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Coaching With Krescon – Time to Pause, Reflect, and Get in Sync With Your Inner Greatness

What you leave behind is not what is engraved in stone monuments, but what is woven into the lives of others.

- Pericles

Anish Rakheja- Founder of Krescon

Anish Rakheja is the founder of Krescon, a leadership and celebrity coaching firm, which helps you to rediscover yourself. As the Chief Learning executive, Anish brings an accomplished 20 plus years of business experience. Anish has held multiple leadership positions in his diverse professional life. He helped in project deliveries for a billion-dollar conglomerate and worked across the globe in various leadership positions. Anish has also been involved in seeding startups in Healthcare, Hospitality, and Real Estate domain and provided consultancy services to entrepreneurs, celebrities, and leaders alike from different walks of life.

Anish’s passion lies in understanding the ancient Vedic wisdom and effectively using it in coaching and mentoring sessions. As part of the endeavor, he created a unique individual profiling framework that leverages Astrology and psychometric tools for understanding the client better. He is also the creator of a powerful Coaching framework, ARISE, which the coaches at Krescon use for impactful high-value client sessions.

Anish is based in Delhi and established the Krescon group to passionately pursue his vision of “Creating Legends.”