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All in all, we’ve spread our wings in Europe, SE Asia and India. We are soon to commence operations in the Middle East, Australia and Canada.

Krescon Coaches is a group of legacy creators on a mission to transform leaders into legends. We celebrate the philosophy of living a purposeful life and work with the belief that every individual is unique. In the process, we help and guide you towards a more rewarding journey while you build your legacy.

Our firm comprises of professionals and industry maestros with a vast experience of five decades. Krescon Coaches has worked with leaders, entrepreneurs, and celebrities, nudging them to a state of self-actualization. We deploy the most essential elements needed in a legend’s voyage, that is, Global Leadership Grooming, Legacy Creation, and Career Transition and Transformation.

“The goal isn’t to live forever, it is to create something that will.”

~Chuck Palahnuik



Our first and foremost core value is Confidentiality – We establish a safe space that allows you to freely share your challenges and information with our experienced International coaches who genuinely care about you. At Krescon Coaches, we assure you of strong Non-Disclosures (NDA).



Our second core value is Accountability – We hold ourselves accountable to you as a leader. It is our responsibility to ensure that you embark on a life-transforming journey. We’ll leave no stone unturned to help you establish yourself as a Savant Leader.



And finally, our third core value is Trustworthiness – We have an accredited team with an immensely deep background and knowledge base of their respective fields. We have the necessary tools to support your transformation from a leader to a legend.



We have a vast knowledge base that empowers you with:
Your leadership pilgrimage does not depend on a one-time coaching session or a few appointments filled with common life lessons. We’re in it for the long haul! Our mission is to ensure that your inner leader outshines the existing individual that you are and makes an impact in your life and the life of others. This is why we use a range of techniques and methodologies to navigate your path towards the pinnacle of leadership grooming. Our experiences also teach us that there is a far deeper meaning to life than meets the eye.

Be a Legend – Our ticket to Immortality

“I will not be a Rock Star; I will be a Legend.” These famous words by British singer, songwriter Freddie Mercury sum up the importance of creating your Legacy. People remember Legends, not person, position, power, or profits, and who leaves behind a meaningful Legacy becomes a Legend. We welcome you to become part of the Krescon Coaches and venture on your personal journey of Legacy creation.

Love, learn and leave a Legacy is what we believe are the traits of a true Legend.

The Pinnacle Leadership Grooming Program

A revolutionary one-of-a-kind program that guides you step-by-step to transform into a powerful leader. The Pinnacle Leadership Grooming Program takes its learnings from the best of Eastern and Western thinking, while leveraging the ancient Vedic Wisdom. Deep within the Vedanta are the precious jewels of wisdom that have the power to catapult an individual to the pinnacle of evolution and psychological development by raising one’s awareness and decision-making capabilities to dazzling heights.

It is strongly recommended for:


Krescon Coaches offers exclusive and high-quality profiling, coaching, mentoring and business advisory services based on best-in-class tools and techniques; patented coaching frameworks, and a powerful alliance of global leaders turned coaches.

360˚Astro Profiling

There’s a reason behind every event in your life. Astro Profiling combines the power of Astrology’s ancient Vedic wisdom with the science of Psychometric assessment to create a phenomenal energy map about your whole being.


Executive Coaching

We believe creating your legacy cannot be done in isolation. As a leader, you need to be backed up significantly by an Executive Coach who can drive you to the highest summit of success.


Leadership Grooming

Your leadership development starts from being a servant leader but ends with transforming into a Savant Leader. Leadership Grooming allows you to nurture the leader within to serve the purpose for which you were destined.


Career Mentoring

You deserve to choose your true calling as your line of work. Career Mentoring allows you to identify your unique natural strengths and decide the way forward.


Immortalize your transformation and become a Legend.

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