For Leaders in the Making

Are you?

If you come under any of the above, the Pinnacle Program is for you!

Evolving from a Servant Leader to a Savant Leader is where your true Transformation begins.

What is the Pinnacle Program?

At Krescon Coaches, we offer a revolutionary one-of-a-kind program that guides you step-by-step to transform into a powerful leader. In this journey, you will be led upwards, towards the pinnacle of strategic thinking and impactful execution.

This program takes the learnings from the best of Eastern and Western thinking, including leveraging ancient Vedic Wisdom. Deep within the Vedanta are precious jewels with the power to catapult an individual to the pinnacle of evolution and psychological development by raising one’s awareness and decision-making capabilities to dazzling heights.

Transforming your life through the Pinnacle Program

Stage 1 – Increasing Fluidity for reaching the pinnacle of Leadership Thinking

  • Quieting the inner turbulences for laser focus thinking.
  • Honing conflict management & people handling skills for impactful leadership
  • Increasing resilience to be in a flow state and excel in the fast-changing VUCA world.
  • Breaking the shackles of linear thinking by developing dynamic decision-making abilities

Stage 2 – Achieving Stability by integrating your vision and purpose with your core values

  • Understanding one’s core values & empowering beliefs for inner excellence.
  • Forging apurpose-led and long-term sustainable future roadmap for your business.
  • Driving value-based change management & performance excellence in every interaction.

Stage 3 – Developing External Alignment for Inspirational Leadership

  • Safeguarding the business and humanity by mentoring future leaders.
  • Facilitating the legacy creation process to bring a deeper meaning to self and business.
  • Demonstrating a serving and holistic approach to leadership in thoughts and actions.


Transformed Leaders who’ve reached their Pinnacle

“I would like to convey my gratitude for helping me attaining personal excellence. I have experienced a big change in my thinking resulting in a phenomenal transformation in my approach towards managing day to day challenges and especially around team handling. Your discussions have also brought a different perspective to client acquisition and managing different relationships.”

“I want to thank you helping me develop my leadership capabilities. I am extremely happy with the changes that I have observed in my self and my decision-making capabilities. As the CEO, there are many a time I need to make difficult decisions. I have experienced a significant shift in my decision-making capabilities. Your sessions allow me to be in a flow state and effectively manage my team without getting bogged by the day-to-day issues.”

“We are delighted to write this letter of recommendation for the wonderful services provided to our organization through your Leadership Grooming program “The Pinnacle”. It helped us immensely in identifying and developing our leadership pipeline and I would like to put it on record the professionalism and confidentiality maintained throughout us engagement. We look forward utilizing your services now for our senior leadership on regular basis.”

“I would like to put on record my personal gratitude for your “The Pinnacle” Program. It has helped me immensely with a better understanding and preparation for higher responsibilities in my profession at my company along with keeping a balance for my own aspirations & towards my personal responsibilities.”