Our Differentiators

Astro Profiling

This unique profiling methodology combines the findings from your birth charts based on Vedic Astrology and the time-tested Psychometric tools resulting in deep insights into your true self. The report is the starting point for our Astro Coaching sessions. In this powerful East meets West scenario, you get the best of the two worlds.

Astro Coaching

Astro-coaching merges Astrology with coaching to help you transform your life. The blend of Astrology with coaching is a fantastic amalgamation. Astrology shows the way, and the Coach carries the torch of flame to help you move from the darkness of ignorance to the light of self-knowledge and self-awareness consequent into impactful results in shaping your future.

Energy Coaching

Energy Coaching helps to revitalize and heal the spirit, mind, and body. Our clients experience spiritual awakening and a powerful innermost shift that is so essential for a soulful existence. It is coaching to the way of the being and being one with your naturally joyful and beautiful state.