Nowadays, most people are frustrated with their jobs because the market forces have gravitated toward startups. Everyone wants a piece of the startup life where they are owners of their own business. As a result, many employees work with the aim to one day run their startup. Could we call it a vision? If so, it is incomplete.

Somewhere down the line, frustration tags along the way in a startup journey. Some people make it to the top while some go back to their 9-to-5’s. One of the main reasons attributed to this misleading detour is a lack of vision. Even when there is a vision, it’s a lack of purpose, identity, and value system. In this blog, I’ll help you understand the correlation between your Purpose, Identity, Values, and Vision – VVIP.

Three Steps to Strengthening Your Vision to Avoid Detouring

Do you want to run a startup? Go for it! Do you want to continue working as an employee? By all means! Do you want to sit at home and only focus on trading? Knock yourself out! 

However, before taking faith in that leap, take these three steps:

Step 1: Define Your Purpose

Step 2: Recognize the Identity you want to Create for Yourself

Step 3: Identify your Value System

Be it a startup, job, or anything else, define the ‘why’ behind it. What is the purpose of going for a startup or owning a family business? You are motivated to do something and make something of yourself. However, it cannot work unless your motivation is aligned with your purpose. Motivation is necessary, and not just any kind of motivation but the one that comes from within. External motivations like the market forces are temporary.

For instance, these days, coding is trending so let’s become a programmer even though my natural strengths lie in graphic design. So, don’t set yourself up for disaster based on external factors of motivation that are not permanent.

Once you have defined your purpose, figure out your identity. What is the identity that you want to create for yourself? Where do you see yourself going on this journey? It is quite strange that not many people know the answer but somehow find a way to attempt to answer a common question during an interview: Where do you see yourself in ten years? Well, it is important to understand the why, what, and how of it all.

Once you have understood your purpose and identity, your third step is to establish your value system. Your future decision-making moments will depend on your value system.

Finally, once you have defined your Values, Identity, and Purpose, you can encompass them all to recognise your life’s vision.

Remember that your Identity is supported by your Value System and Purpose, which then help you create the best vision for yourself.

Therefore, frustration never becomes a major part of your journey when its borders are outlined by your VVIP.

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