You may have often heard or read a quote conveying the downside of living in your comfort zone. Things like Life Begins at the End of your comfort zone by Neale Donald Walsch, or Tony Robbins says that all growth starts at the end of your comfort zone.

I am here to tell you that we’ve probably defined our comfort zones as our weak points all these years. What if your comfort zone was your strength zone?

When you see a glass half empty, you also know it is half full at the same time. It’s just the way you look at things. Let’s say, you meet an amazing singer who loves to sing not only in the shower. They can truly gather a crowd with their voice, but when you ask them what they do, they say, they’re a voice-over artist. Okay, they’re using their voice but is it what they want to do? So, you ask them another question: is it something they like doing? The person says, not really, but it’s a way of getting out of their comfort zone and doing something that opens doors to different opportunities.

Fair enough; however, if the person was initially a singer, then why did they turn into a voice-over artist? If the reason is to get out of their comfort zone, then tell me what that sounds like, pun intended!

Turning your Comfort Zone into a Strength Zone

Let’s clear the air about what a comfort zone is.

Is a comfort zone a bad thing?

– No.

Should one step out of their comfort zone?

– No.

Then why is a comfort zone considered such a bad thing?

A comfort zone is a place where you are comfortable playing on your natural strengths. So, there is nothing wrong with staying in that zone. It’s a place where you can expand your zone and convert it into your strength zone. So, many people look at it as though it’s a bad thing; why?

Yes, it is good to grow in what you do but getting out of your comfort zone very likely means that you are asked to do something you are not good at. If the people around you are telling you to work on your weaknesses, do not adhere! It’s the wrong way to go. Yes, improving your maths sums and equations in school is understandable where you have to learn it for various purposes. That said, improving your communication skills as a motivational speaker is also a way of expanding within your comfort zone. You are, thereby, turning it into a strength zone.

Life does not begin at the end of your comfort zone; it begins within your strength zone. I wish you the very best in your career and hope that you continue to experience the comfort and happiness of life that this zone offers you.

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