“When it hurts – observe. Life is trying to teach you something.” ~Anita Krizzan

Sometimes, we tend to insult ourselves by becoming a doormat to our own emotions. We allow them to walk all over us until we break down completely or create more walls around us.

Such was the case of a longtime friend and hashtag#CEO of an hashtag#Organization. Shikha (name changed) was well in control of the work she managed. However, there were underlying issues, be it at work or personally, that would sometimes erupt into both her worlds. As time passed and with her undivided attention to work, those emotions were left unattended.

“Unexpressed emotions will never die. They are buried alive and will come forth later in uglier ways.” ~Sigmund Freud

When we race with time, we put most of our emotions on the back burner. What we don’t realize is that time runs out.

A day had come in Shikha’s life when things got too chaotic as timeframes were tighter than ever. KPIs were not met by those working under her team managers. hashtag#People were walking in and out of her cabin, trying to figure things out and resolve hashtag#conflicts. This was when Shikha experienced a kind of blankness around her. She stood up from her seat, took her purse, headed out of her cabin, and walked out of the office. Not to quit, but she needed some time to herself. Something she hadn’t done in a long time. She needed time to contemplate, to take a step back and pause. A few hours later, she came back to the office where the chaos was waiting for her. This time, she managed the remaining battles of the day with a slightly better frame of mind. However, many a time, we do not have the luxury to take a pause as Shikha could do and self-reflect in a better environment to navigate her emotions. Is there a way we could proactively improve our hashtag#fitness to manage such situations? Yes, there is and it is called the hashtag#SpiritualHealth measure through the hashtag#SpiritualQuotient (SiQ).

In total, the five dimensions of hashtag#health: hashtag#Physical, hashtag#Social, hashtag#Emotional, hashtag#Intellectual, and the most important and ever neglected Spiritual Health.

When you are in a hashtag#leadership position, it becomes a necessity to make sure that you are always enhancing all these five aspects of health, and more so Spiritual Health. Spiritual Health supports the other dimensions and also works as a protective sheath preventing energy leakage. In a nutshell, if your hashtag#SiQ is off track then all the other health aspects will also suffer, and your ability to manage ever-increasing mental stress and tsunamis.

During the last few years of coaching hashtag#leaders and hashtag#professionals, I have first-hand experienced the benefits that increasing the SiQ brings to our life and lives.

Being spiritual is a far more intelligent way to exist. Becoming aware of who or what we are in our relationship with the world brings in a sense of calm and fulfillment that is second to none. So, let not your emotions treat you like a doormat when you are meant to be much more. Seek the learnings of SiQ and become Spiritually healthy as a leader.

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