Dustin: “There’s one thing we’ve never understood which is why Vecna is killing people. So what if, with each kill, he is not simply killing them. He is making a powerful psychic connection with his victims? A connection powerful enough to rip a hole in the fabric of time and space.”

Lucas: “He’s opening more gates.”

Dustin: “Bingo”

Stranger Things is an amazing thriller sci-fi show that revolves around monsters and powerful demons. It talks about a parallel world that’s the same as the one we live in, only darker and more death-driven.

It’s an interesting outlook on things that finds itself on two extremes. On one side is the brightness of life and its accompanying challenges. On the other side, that is, this dark world that gives one a feeling of extreme depression.

This story pretty much sums up the extremities of human nature. There are more aspects but our Spiritual Quotient has the ability to set the equilibrium of two opposing attributes of people.

For instance, one person can be completely volatile or frivolous. He may have his heart on his sleeve and wants to live life as it comes. On the other hand, another person wants to be more calculative and take each step cautiously.

“Combine the Extremes, and you will have the True Center.”

~Karl Wilhelm Friedrich Schlegel

So, a person who is extremely calculative can be right or wrong. There’s no saying when this trait won’t or will work in their favor. But for them, life is all about coming at the top. They’re calculating all the time to be the best, not really living life in its natural flow.

At the same time, the extremely flexible person works on the thrills and fancies of his or her mood. It may or may not work for them. They love to live in the moment but an overdose of this force becomes a challenge. They are like a butterfly that wants to fly from one flower to another.

But SiQ sets the equilibrium for them, bringing these two opposing forces to create a fluid structure. It helps a person move and act in the natural flow, never forced on the extreme side.

So what you want as a leader is neither of the extremes as too much of either force can disrupt your circle of completion.

It’s like the famous lyric from the song Too Much by Spice Girls:

Too much of something is bad enough

But something’s coming over me to make me wonder

Too much of nothing is just as tough

I need to know the way to feel to keep me satisfied

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