Astrological science is part of the six Vedanga, the auxiliary disciplines associated with the study and understanding of the Vedas. It is also sometimes referred to as the ‘eyes of the Vedas’, the repositories of our ancient knowledge. Astrology held a prominent place in all our scriptures and was practices by learned saints like Parashara, Gemini, Maitreya, to name a few. It combines the study of celestial bodies and the effect of cosmic energies on an individual. The basic premise of Vedic Astrology lies in the belief that we are all made up of energies at a cellular level. Hence, as the cosmic energies enter our body, it affects our being, which has a significant bearing in defining our behavior and personality. The study of this phenomenon is backed by an intricate mathematical system of assessing the effect of those energies and thus resulting in a scientific prediction about a person’s natural strengths and behavior pattern. Many important life decisions, including those related to future career options, can be logically taken once we know about an individual’s natural tendencies.
To an uninitiated, it may sound unbelievable, or maybe even downright fantasy, but there are enough cases and examples of accurate predictions primarily related to the behavioral traits. According to Indian Vedic Astrology, the celestial bodies’ position, like the Sun, The Moon, the Planets, and the Stars at the moment of birth, determine one’s basic Life story inclinations and characteristics, strengths, weaknesses. If one delves deeper into the subject, one will find that predictive astrology has a rigorous scientific and logical approach with complex mathematical calculations which is synonymous with any pure science. This information may come as a surprise to some readers, especially those who have experience with roadside astrologers making full use of the ‘fear of the unknown,’ which has brought disgrace to this divine science.
There is a significant usage of Astronomical data in preparation for any Astrological charts. The exact position of the various planets and constellation is the starting point in predictive Astrology. There is a vast catalog of cause and effect prepared over the centuries, which documents the study of various combinations of cosmic energies on different aspects of life and civilization through the ages. The impact of those energies at the time of the birth creates an energy map of a person that is unique and natural. The chart serves as a blueprint for introspection and discussion regarding the future and making logical interpretations.
As part of the NDP assessment, Krescon uses the Vedic Astrology charts to identify the natural instincts in an individual. We then validate the finding with the psychometric test results and the parents’ perception to finally arrive at the most relevant future career areas. NDP assessment is thus, one of the most comprehensive evaluation methodologies for assessing the future potential and career planning.
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