So, you finally landed with the job of your dreams and now the path to achieving your career goals is clearly in sight. But despite everything working out as you planned, are you feeling a bit lost or directionless? Are you unable to find solutions to every challenge thrown at you in your job? If yes, it is time to look for Career mentors in IndiaIt is very different from career counseling that helps a person find the world of work where he could make a career.
Reaching out to a career mentor is a significant decision if you are feeling lost in your job and finding it challenging to match the pace at which the corporate world is evolving and growing. Career mentors will hold your hand, provide you with every professional support you need, keep you grounded, and prepare you for the fast-paced changes that have become so normal in the world of business. Your mentor will help you face your challenges and work on your soft skills improvement.
In present times, when jobs are becoming more complicated and evolved, your mentor will play a vital role in moving you towards the desired career progression. Suddenly, you will find things making sense. The path towards the achievement of professional career goals will be clearer in front of you, and your mentor will be with you to guide and help at every step. Unlike a career counselor, the job of a career mentor does not get over as soon as you make a suitable career choice. It continues with gentle guidance, skills development, and more to keep you on the right track.
The Krescon Career Mentoring process has helped many people find a way ahead in their career and move in a direction that helps them in realizing their goals. Our NDP© Process also helps in assessing the interests, skills, and capabilities of a person that help in giving the desired shape to his career. It is a comprehensive evaluation framework that makes the best use of Psychometric tests and science-based Vedic Astrology. The information received from the test and the power of Vedic wisdom help the person making the right choices leading to success in his job and aspirations. It will also help align the career with values, skills, and karma.
Krescon’s leadership coaches in india helps you through this journey and guides you in the right direction!

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