In recent times, there is a significant increase in the frustration level regarding one’s career, especially in professionals within the first five years of their working life. The prime reason for such frustration is a lack of clarity or direction regarding one’s career. The current trend is to take the first job – from or outside campus without giving too much thought about one’s interests or aspirations. The significant criteria being the salary offered. This short-term thinking leads to multiple challenges in the life of young professionals and ultimately proves hugely detrimental. Frequent job changes, frustration, depression is some of the expected outcomes of such an approach.
In any professional’s mind, the all-important question is to have a clear direction and goal regarding one’s career. It all starts with identifying the interest areas based on one’s interest and inherent strengths to prepare a career road map. Such interest areas need validation with the future potential of the identified career filed. We usually see that one may have a vague understanding of one’s interest areas, but with an element of uncertainty. It will be beneficial to have a system for validating one’s chosen profession against the tried and tested matrix. The Krescon NDP process helps you to precisely do that by assessing your interest areas through a comprehensive evaluation framework that leverages the power of Vedic Astrology as well as Psychometric tests. The NDP framework is beneficial as it further modifies the output based on the respondent’s age and stage.
Vedic Astrology believes that at the cellular level, we have different types of energies. Also, there are many cosmic energies in the nature that enters into our body at the birth time, thus creating our unique energy map. Such an energy map can help us understand our behavior and personality traits, providing insights about our future interests and behavior. This information becomes an essential factor in determining our right career choices leading to a high level of satisfaction and success.

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