Evan: “We’re talking about an ark, right? I mean an ark! An ark is huge. I don’t even know where I would begin.”

God: “Hell, I hear that a lot. People who want to change the world don’t know how to begin… You want to know how to change the world, son? One Act of Random Kindness at a Time.”

Evan Baxter was a former local television news reporter in the movie ‘Evan Almighty’. In the course of his journey, he gets elected to Congress. His congressional campaign officially declares that he will change the world. Evan has to prove his position as a congressman. Desperate to make his mark, he prays to God to help him ‘change the world’.

Well, God hears his prayer and starts to make immediate changes in his life. Evan’s clothes are replaced with robes, he automatically starts to grow a long beard, his hair grows uncontrollably, and eight vacant lots in his neighborhood are purchased under his name. At the same time, ancient tools and gopher wood are delivered to his address. His family and the people around him start to find his odd demeanor displeasing and unpleasant in the modern day.

Apparently, God wants Evan to build an ark to save everyone from a flood that is going to take over the city within a month. So, God transforms Evan’s personality, turning him from his modern attire to the ancient look and feel of Noah from the epic events of the original Noah’s Ark. Evan becomes God’s right-hand man to save his city, and thereby, change the world.

As Evan is gradually compelled to surrender to God’s will, he sees a chain of events progressing, over which he has no control. He has to warn his fellow congressmen of an impending flood that is about to take place on a specific date in the city of New York. While non-believers and practical thinkers turn him into a laughing stock, Evan has to make sure to save all the animals, birds, and people of the city.

He carries out the will of God with no foresight of the future. Animals start to enter the chamber of the House of Representatives, they follow Evan in pairs, from birds to reptiles, and all kinds of animals. These and many other strange events start to take place with him, all attuned to God’s plan which is still mysteriously unfolding before Evan.

However, throughout the movie, Evan learns that kindness is the virtue that is needed to change the world. Every action he takes helps a needy person and so on. When the time comes to save the city, the flood arises, and everyone is saved because Evan was committed to building the ark, as advised by God.

God: “You did good, son. You changed the world.”

Evan: “No, no… I didn’t. I didn’t do anything.”

God: “Let’s see. Spending time with your family. Making them very happy. Gave that dog a home.”

Evan: “Right, so?”

God: “So, how do we change the world?”

Evan replies as God uses a wooden stick to write on the sandy ground – “ARK”

Evan: “One Act of Random Kindness at a time.”

This movie, although a combination of drama and comedy, had a strong message to convey. When someone does something good or a favor for you, how do you pay them back?

Is payback the right way to express gratitude or to thank them? Do you treat them with a free dinner or give them a gift? In my experience, the best way is by paying it forward, and thus, changing the world for the better. Do good for others with the good done unto you. Wouldn’t this be a better way to be more meaningfully thankful?

A pay-forward is the ARK of returning what was given in the most meaningful and life-changing way.

Evan wanted to change the world and he took the opportunity when it was presented to him. If you can pay forward to others with goodness, kindness, or any significant guidance that was given unto you, you have paid your debt in full.

You have made a difference in a world driven by rat races and toxic competitions. By paying forward the good things done for you, you are making the world a better place which brings me to one of the most famous songs of our time.

Heal The World ~by Michael Jackson

There’s a place in your heart

And I know that it is love

And this place was brighter than tomorrow

And if you really try

You’ll find there’s no need to cry

In this place, you’ll feel there’s no hurt or sorrow

There are ways to get there

If you care enough for the living

Make a little space

Make a better place

Heal the world

Make it a better place

For you for me, and the entire human race

There are people dying

If you care enough for the living

Make a better place for you and for me

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