Ian: “None of you seem to have any idea what my responsibilities are to this place and to my people. Has it occurred to you that they have entrusted me with their very souls?”

There are multiple stories in The Walking Dead about leadership coaching india in a world where the dead are on the rise. Some leadership instances went wrong, some right, and some survivable.

The Walking Dead is a popular series that still goes on even today and it shows how people become leaders under unfavorable circumstances. Mostly, in the need for survival where it’s either do or die. And so, according to some of them, their ends for survival justify the means of robbing, threatening, or killing. If they want food and to live in a stable environment, they would rob other communities from different cities.

They believed that their ends justified the means. Some leaders were different and tried doing things the right way. The journey was tough but they got through in the end. And so, over the course of several episodes, we see every leader of their community leading their people either to happier times or into situations much worse.

Lance: “They put themselves in bad situations, either through stupid choices or an unwillingness to play by the rules. I tried to throw them a lifeline. Look… this place works because everyone plays their part. If you can’t or won’t, it hurts everyone else. That’s when the system breaks down and we can’t let that happen. You know what I’m saying.

Carol: “Yeah… yeah, people can either be part of the problem or part of the solution.”

Lance: “It’s nice to be able to talk to someone who… sees the big picture.”

Lance has a major responsibility in the Commonwealth Community in this series. He thought his ends justified the means and were under the illusion that he saw the big picture. However, his means to the end were never done in peace. It was always manipulative and violent behind the walls. He was a leader where the ends just never justified the means. The end for such leaders just never pans out well and they leave a legacy that no one wants to follow.

If the end is peace, then the means to get there should harbor peace as well. A leader who creates the means of such capacity can reach the same goal, the same end with peace and sustainability.

However, a leader with a low Spiritual Quotient (SiQ) will soon fall out when things get tough or victories are hard to get. Desperation never becomes an aspect of the life of a Savant Leader. They know who they are and are aware of their role to play.

“The key to successful leadership is Influence, not authority.”

~Kenneth H. Blanchard

If you can hold on to your values as a Leadership Coach in Delhi while enhancing your SiQ, you don’t need to resort to the wrong means to get the right end. Your legacy can be built on the trustworthy pillars of patience, self-belief, sound spiritual health and savant leadership.

In the words of Bernard Barclay, the understanding of the ends justifying the means is better explained through real-life examples.

World Leaders Respect

The world needs leaders, that it can respect,

lying to people builds distrust,

granted people can and do make up false beliefs,

conspiracy theories,

The Russian people turned against the Czar

because they believed, that Rasputin

was telling the Czarette and the Czar

how to run the country

Poverty and suffering lead to hatred,

add rumors and innuendo

and you create a climate,

where the people turn against you.

Starlin killed sixty million people

that disagreed with him

his dream to make a better world

the ends justify the means

Sixty million brave Russians

died fighting against injustice

fighting for the homes taken from them

homes, farms and lives

Have you heard the saying

look after your pennies

and your dollars will

look after themselves

your poor people are your pennies

create jobs for your pennies

create homes for your pennies

and your rich people will profit from the sales

we are all in this world together

we all depend on each other

the rich people make the jobs

the poor people work in those jobs

abuse is still ripe on a planet

that calls itself civilized

sweatshop labor still exists

an honest wage for an honest day’s work 

The dreams of unions past

is that such a horrible request

People in the industrialized nations

fought for the right of our children

fought for the right of our workers

now employers simply travel

into third-world countries

to continue the abuse in other countries

We are all part of the same world

granted we all have limited budgets

we all go for cheap products

eggs from caged chickens

cheap clothes from sweatshop labor

and honest wage for an honest day’s work

we abuse each other over yesterday’s slavery

and fail to see the slavery of today

as leaders of the world, you need respect

to build that respect, create investment

to overcome climate change

build respect by speaking out

to stop the abuse of people

People are not stupid we remember your lies

we watch well you have affairs

we guess at the truth behind

your propaganda

we don’t always get it right

in a world full of lies sometimes

it’s hard to find the truth

but each day the planet gets smaller

if you want people to respect you

become people we can respect

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