Legacy coaching 

Legacy coaching is the process of letting a person discover his “true-identity” with the help of a coach.

It is one of the ways by which an individual gets the insight to unleash his highest potentials, and is empowered to create a legacy for the world to be celebrated by all.

This is possible only when a person is introduced to a life coach, who helps him take on a journey of “self-discovery“.

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Every individual is uniquely created by God, and very few are aware of their inner potentials. But now what? When did you know what you are capable of? If you don’t know how to channelize your highest potentials, what is the use of possessing it?

Legacy coaching is the right place where you will be meeting your own self, once you are in a state of answering the question “who you are?”

You can certainly steer your power to create a legacy that will leave your soul in a tranquil state.

Not all have the efficacy and desire to create a legacy, but who all strived to create a legacy have left a remarkable impression on the minds of people, who celebrate their absence even when these legends are not alive among us.

Let us see what are the benefits of legacy coaching and how can you become a legend with the help of a coach.


How many of us have come across this term self-actualization? I guess a majority of us would have heard or read this term. But do you know the origin of this term self-actualization? And how is this term related to legacy coaching?

Well, there is a directly proportional relationship between “self-actualization and legacy coaching”!

Before we the relation between these two terms. Let us unravel the term self-actualization.

Maslow’s hierarchy of needs is a motivational theory in psychology comprising a five-tier model of human needs, often depicted as hierarchical levels within a pyramid.

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The needs belonging to the lower hierarchy must be satisfied before a person climbs up to attain the higher needs in the hierarchy of needs.

Starting off with basic human needs, here come the physiological needs.

1. Physiological needs –

These are the biological needs of a human being. This includes food, clothing, shelter, and other basic requirements for human survival.

If these needs are not met, a person’s body cannot function optimally.

2. Safety needs –

Having accomplished the physiological needs, the needs for security and safety become imperative.

These needs can be fulfilled by the family and society

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3. Love and belongingness needs –

This need is associated with the social and involves feelings of belongingness. The need for interpersonal relationships motivates behavior.

Examples include friendship, trust, affiliating to a group, acceptance, love, intimacy, etc.

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4. Esteem needs

Who doesn’t love to be respected? Therefore, this need for esteem comes into play. Having fulfilled the physiological, safety and security, and love and belongingness needs, one aspires for the esteem needs.

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Maslow classified it into two categories: (i) esteem for oneself (dignity, achievement, mastery, independence) and (ii) the desire for reputation or respect from others (e.g., status, prestige).

5. Self-actualization needs

These are the highest level in Maslow’s hierarchy and refer to the realization of a person’s potential, self-fulfillment, seeking personal growth, and peak experiences.

Maslow (1943) has described this level as the desire to accomplish everything that one can, in order to become the best that they can be.

Once a person discovers his potential, he seeks to grow higher in his respective life.

The purpose of life is to know yourself, create yourself, experience yourself as Who You Really Are. There is no other reason to do anything.

Neale Donald Walsch”

Legacy coaching is the means to reach your goals by unleashing your potentials and empowering your true-self!

2. Clarity of Goals

What is the point of living when you don’t know what your exact goal is, in your life?

Legacy coaching enables you to find your goals and work upon them at the right time in your life.

You are an asset to the world who possess the ability to create a legacy!

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A coach provides you with his knowledge and experience of coaching and guiding a person towards a better life.

It is not just a better life that legacy coaching will help you reach, rather it is the purposeful life that the coaching will leave you with!

3. True-identity 

A Career coaches in India is there to assist you to answer a very basic yet crucial question *who you are?”! 

Through psychometric tests and a few other models of personality assessment, a person will be able to know more about himself.

We all are different from one another, in our very unique lives.

We all have diversifying personality types. When we are to answer ourselves as who we are and what traits define our personality type, we certainly have to assess our personality with the property devised techniques.

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Assessment frameworks such as MBTI STRONG Accreditation helps a person knowing himself with precision.

After having known your personality-type, you exercise to work upon your strength and weakness.

Legends are not born, they are created! Legacy coaching creates legends by capacitating them to build a legacy for future generations.

4. Purposeful Life

Ask yourself a question, what is the purpose of your life? Is your purpose confined to live a life for yourself, only? Or you are the one who wants to utilize his expertise in the betterment of others life and impacting the world around!!!!

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“Self-actualization” leads one to discover one’s “self-identity”. It makes a person find meaning in his life, redefining the life and thus, redirecting it to a purposeful one.

Legacy coaching guides you to find a purpose in your life.

5. Contributing a Gift to Future Generations-Leaving a Legacy behind

Ever experienced an “Ah-ha moment” in your life? Perhaps many a time. But that’s not the true ah-ha moment.

When you look behind in the middle of your life, you must see your deeds reflecting in the younger generation.

Legends from history like, Swami Vivekananda, A. P. J. Abdul Kalam, Sir M. Visvesvaraya, and many others devoted their lives by bringing in their knowledge and wisdom for the welfare of humanity.

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Every legend has a coach behind, who anchored his efforts and uplifted his potential to hit the goal post at the right time in his life.

Arjuna could have never defeated the huge army of Kauravas, had there not been the Great Coach Lord-Krishna.

With this, I’m leaving a thought for you to contemplate upon creating a legacy and the means to create it with a Best Leadership Coaches in India who will help you transform your existing identity into a legend!

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