Imagine going shopping to buy formal attire to wear at a global conference meeting. You’re looking through the collections, feeling the material, checking the size, and just then a saleswoman from another store walks up to you. She shows you a cocktail party dress, saying that it’s trending these days. So, you buy the cocktail party dress and wear it to the conference meeting. 

An acquaintance plucks up the courage to ask you why you’re wearing a cocktail party dress to a conference meeting when the dress code was formal. You justify yourself, saying that the cocktail dress was trending, so you chose to wear that instead!

Hopefully, you’ve woken up from that nightmare where you’re wearing incorrect attire to a certain place. But much of this nightmare transfers to many people who make career decisions based on what’s trending. Children succumb to parental, peer, and personal pressure and end up choosing a career that does not suit them.

What happens after is pretty much like wearing a cocktail dress to a global conference meeting. You feel out of place, you start getting nervous and conscious about the things you do, and about how other people look at you. You’re most likely to feel terrible at the end of the day.

“Your Time is Limited, so don’t waste it Living Someone Else’s Life.”

~Steve Jobs

We’re always running toward distractions. Be it a TV show or a reel that caught our eye, even a cat that jumped into a trash can. While choosing a career, we have distractions in the form of trending courses. These trending courses are what lead us to live someone else’s life because we think it’s better than what we have. 

But what we have is something we have not yet identified. What is it? Let’s find out!

College Admissions: The Elimination Round Over the Choice Approach

Now that we are in the middle of the admission season, I get queries from various parents about their children. They ask for the career path that’s best for their child and what subjects they should take up. They say their child needs career counseling, which is the first step in the wrong direction.

If you want, I can take you through what career counseling means and why your child does not need it. You will even get a tour of what your child needs… because it’s not career counseling. 

What your child needs is CAREER MENTORING…

“Before you seek to mold a young mind, seek inward to guide oneself.”

~Krescon Coaches

We are flooded with articles on the internet telling us what’s trending in 2024. Later, it will be the best courses trending in 2025, 2026, and so on. The trends never end, and what’s worse is they are nothing but distractions.

Will you base your child’s future on an article that talks about what’s trending? You might as well ask them to wear a cocktail dress to a conference meeting and see what happens. Take a hint from the events that unfold on that day. Better even, you can just imagine!

Therefore, when it comes to guiding your child, make two considerations:

  1. Career counseling for parents 
  2. The NDP Framework Assessment for your child

That’s right, career counseling is what you will need as a parent to help you understand how to guide your child’s path.

Moving on quickly to the second point, NDP is a multidimensional assessment framework that a coaching and mentoring team will use to profile your child based on their:

N – Natural Instincts – Evaluate the natural instincts that the child has had since birth. This is identified through Vedic Astrology.

D – Desired Attributes – Identify the behavior and personality traits of the child. These are determined through psychometric tools.

P – Perceived Interest – Identify the self-understanding and perceptions that the child has, based on personal experiences.

I can take you through it in length and detail as you help your child prepare for a bright future. So, connect with Krescon Coaches to watch your child lead a fulfilling career and a happy life. Also, here are a few tips to help you become a mentor to your child.

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