It is a detailed report of an individual that results from combining the astrological
findings and psychometric evaluation of a person’s behavior and personality. It is one of the most
comprehensive multidimensional profiling reports available today anywhere in the world.

Astro-charts | What is Astro-Profiling? |

Astro-profiling involves a rigorous process of analyzing the planetary positions of the celestial
planets at the time of the birth through the birth charts, different divisional charts, transits, and
the Dasha system and by conducting psychometric assessments.

An Astro coach who has profound knowledge and experience in astrology and is a certified psychometric trainer who carries
out such profiling, bringing immense value for the client in both personal and professional life.

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Astro-profiling encompasses different significant aspects of life and the impact of the planetary
position on the areas like natural tendencies, interest, and inherent nature.

These are then combined with the desired attributes and perceived interest identified through behavioral tools
like DISC or personality profiling instruments like MBTI.

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In a powerful East knowledge combines with a Western science scenario, the client gets the best of the two worlds. Astro profiling helps you understand your true nature, thinking pattern, and the visible part of your personality – behavior. leadership coaches in india at krescon can help you find out more about yourself and your legacy with the help of Astro Profiling.

Such understanding will help you have a real deeper understanding of your inner being and true self, which is essential for becoming genuinely aware of your true potential and living life in the heightened state of self-actualization.

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