“You cannot dance.”

Do you have the ability to remain unperturbed despite the raging storm of chaos all around?

Out of the years of their experience and expertise, his doctors told him that his spinal issues would never get resolved.

It was traumatizing for him to process all of it, and even yet, to live with limited movement to survive.

After being diagnosed with Scoliosis, legendary Bollywood actor and movie star, hashtag#HrithikRoshan was told that he can never dance or become an actor. His condition, Scoliosis causes a sideways curvature of the spine which is an incurable and progressive condition. The doctors said that it cannot get cured by itself without proper treatment.

For months, he’d wake up hoping that whatever he was going through was just a nightmare. He hoped to wake up from it and suddenly see that everything was normal. But, as time went by, reality struck hard until he could take it no more. He had two roads ahead of him – either live with the condition or find another way…

Through sheer dedication and against all odds, Hrithik Roshan overcame the serious physical disorder and became what he was always told he could not be – A dancing superstar. So, how did he do it?

“There is always one true inner voice. Trust it.”

~Gloria Steinem

We are conditioned to listen to what a hashtag#professional tells us. For instance, if a doctor tells you not to drink any cold beverages until your throat infection clears up. Have two to three cups of warm soup each day, and such instructions along the way. One would listen and practice the instructions so they can get relief and be cleared of that unpleasant viral or bacterial infection.

But what happens when they tell you that you can’t follow your dreams because of a deficiency you hold?

You have two roads ahead of you – either listen or don’t. Let me say that neither road is wrong. It’s okay to back down and it’s also okay to fight back for yourself. However, the differentiating factor here is your ability to listen to your inner voice before choosing any of the two roads. That’s what Hrithik Roshan did.

Your inner voice is the natural sound of beingness that dwells within. However, we muffle this voice when external factors such as dominant beliefs and fears get in the way.

This muffling of the inner voice is also what significantly affects our hashtag#SpiritualQuotient (SiQ). Much of it is attributed to the level of ignorance we have about ourselves. And over time, these levels of ignorance turn into several other layers of ignorance of ourselves and the life we experience. This happens until we can no longer hear our inner voice and it is muffled deep down inside.

The world throws different situations at us. Many times, the severity of those creates doubts in the mind. Should I listen to the head, the non-yielding, ever-calculative machine, or the heart, an emotional, vulnerable fool? You may go about asking for second opinions, talking to loved ones, and even seeking deeper answers from the clairvoyants/fortune tellers.

How about engaging in a self-chat? How about rekindling the relations with the self who has been always there for and in us; closer than our closest family, friend, well-wisher, or even tormentor? The only one with no vested interest or hidden agendas.

So, how do I reconnect with my long-forgotten self?

Increase the hashtag#FITscore of the Self Chat which will also enhance your overall SiQ.

With the increase of the FIT levels i.e., the (F)requency of engaging your inner voice in a self-chat, increasing the (I)ntensity of communication, and enhancing the (T)enacity to hold on to the conversation during the Self Chat.

“There is a voice that doesn’t use words. Listen.”


So, embark on a journey where you hold on to a conversation with your inner voice because the answers you are looking for were and always are already within you.

Your Inner Voice

(Sacred Poems)

How long will you practice?

How far will you dream?

To put your best foot forward

To be on the winning team

Who’s to say you’re good enough?

And worth some words of praise

Who’s to write your story

When you reach the end of the days

All the words you search for

You won’t hear with your ears

The answers live inside you

And will for all your years

You control the story

The beginning and the end

So, you control the message

That to the world you send

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