In our day-to-day lives, it is not uncommon to find ourselves trapped in the broiling soup of a challenging day, a string of failures, or in times when everything does not go as planned. We are quick to criticize, slow to appreciate, and rarely congratulate the silent warrior within – ourselves.

The internal dialogue becomes harsh, and we become critical of ourselves almost at every stage. It’s time to break free from this cycle, to ACKNOWLEDGE, APPRECIATE, and APPLAUD our resilience. Welcome to the 3-A Formula – Unlocking and Enhancing your Spiritual Quotient (SiQ) by learning to congratulate yourself.

The 3-A Formula for Developing Self-Gratitude

1.    Acknowledge Yourself (mental action)

The power of the mind is extraordinary so let’s first take this step where the mind is involved. Begin by acknowledging your triumphs mentally. Try to identify the problems and battles you’ve overcome and the strength you’ve enacted. In this process, you will be surprised by the way you can mentally acknowledge yourself. This is the first step toward shifting your perspective.

Are you dwelling more on what went wrong? How about focusing on what you did right? This does not mean that you completely ignore the things that have gone wrong. Working on the flaws of any situation can also help you learn different ways to improve every event that takes place. However, remember to dwell on the fact that you are taking a stand for yourself, you are taking action, and you are not backing down.

2.    Appreciate Yourself (vocal action)

Verbalizing appreciation is a wise way to express your gratitude out loud. Look into the mirror and thank yourself for weathering the storms. “Thank you for never letting go, for never abandoning me in moments when I felt all alone in the battles of my life. Today, I am still here standing, because of you.” Vocalizing your appreciation brings a sense of validation and reinforces the positive relationship you have with yourself.

3.    Applaud Yourself (physical action – body movement)

Physical actions have a profound impact on our emotional state. When you achieve something, no matter how big or small, don’t hesitate to physically applaud yourself. Clap, dance, or strike a victorious pose. Your body responds to physical expressions of joy, and this celebration, no matter how simple, sends a powerful message to your psyche – you are worthy of acknowledgment and celebration.

Make the 3-A formula a daily ritual. Do not let the negativities of life teach you the wrong lessons. In fact, allow them to teach you that you’ve still got it in you to do better. At the same time, congratulate yourself for not giving up on yourself. As you proceed in this manner, you will see your Spiritual Quotient reach a new level.

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