What is life coaching?

A life coach is a person to whom people contact to flourish better in their personal and professional life. He uses principles and techniques to bring out the better in you and help you become successful. For example, you are at a point in your life where you don’t like your career or you don’t think it’s a correct fit then a life coach will help you to find the career you are best suited for. Not only this but a life coach can also help you fight issues like anxiety and depression.

The motive of life coaching:









Qualities of a good life coach:

1. A good listener: life coaching is all about listening to your client’s perspective and trying to decode what they are thinking. A good life coach will listen to your stance with patience and without any interruptions. Listening to the client, their speaking manner, all of this is done by a good life coach.

2. No judgments: the world comprises of different people who hold a different point of view and opinions, in their world, they are accurate or right and a good life coach will never judge you on that. Listening without any judgments is what a good life coach is known for. At the end of the day, you should feel like you are in a safe space.

3. Positive attitude: life coaching is all about inspiring people and motivating them to cultivate the best version of themselves.

morning 2243465 640 QUALITIES OF A GOOD LIFE COACHA good life coach will be optimistic and will have a positive attitude towards life. Something that feels like a fresh hope of life is what they are about. It is due to their positive and uplifting attitude that they are able to inspire people and make them believe in the good of life.

4. Passionate: a good life coach will be passionate and empathetic which will help him to understand the client’s emotions and point of view. It is very important for them to truly understand you and your perspective. A good life coach will make you feel heard.

5. Non-opinionated: A life coach is not there to give you advice but to break the barriers of a client’s disability to finding solutions. They will guide and help their clients, it’s not about giving advice but giving assistance. They will keep their personal opinion aside and not let it get in between as it could generate negativity.

6. Communication with clarity: A good life coach will communicate on all levels. They will not just listen to you but communicate on other levels such as body language, vocabulary, and more.

7. Endless curiosity: A good life coach should be curious to know everything about you and ask all the difficult and powerful questions. They should be curious about how you live, why you live, your values and beliefs.

8. Respect: A good life coach will be respectful to you and your beliefs. computer icon 2384752 640 QUALITIES OF A GOOD LIFE COACHNot just that, they will have faith in you that you can and will choose the right path. They are only there to guide you, they can’t force you to do something but have enough respect that whatever you choose for yourself will be right for you and is based on your experience.

9. Honesty: It is very important for your life coach to keep all the information confidential and under legal barriers. People come to seek help with a notion of trust which should not be broken. A good life coach will never disclose any personal information until it is something related to self-harm, in that case, they will be required to take necessary actions only for your own good.

Finding a good life coach may be difficult. It takes a lot of time and effort, Afterall you are taking the leap of faith on someone to guide you and make you a better individual. It is very important to seek someone professional and check their certificates and qualification. We at Krescon Coaches have the Best Leadership Coaches in India you can also check our website.With the above guide, we hope it will make your life simpler. All the best!

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