A client who recently approached me was talking about how he wanted to achieve certain objectives in his life. ‘I want this, I want that’ – was the direction of our conversation together. He talked about how he was disappointed with the way things were going in his leadership journey. He felt like his circle of completion had broken as he lacked a few specific aspects in his life.

I often find it interesting when people lead themselves to believe that they are lacking in certain aspects. While their idea of lacking may be true in the reality of the physical transactions of this world; in spirit, it is possible in every way.

Blade runners would have never found the motivation to run had they not taken it upon themselves to do the impossible. Or, was it impossible? The mind has a funny way of telling us that we can do something because of the lack of necessary elements.

“There are no limitations to the mind except those we acknowledge.”

~Napoleon Hill

  • Is climbing a rooftop without a ladder possible?
  • Is running without feet possible?
  • Is it possible to find a cure for the worst of diseases?

The limitations of the mind lead us to believe that certain things are just not possible.

For instance, what does everyone want in life? Happiness?

So, let’s go with the fact that happiness is our ultimate goal.

  • If we achieve a specific yearly income, we will be happy.
  • If we have a permanent home, we will be happy.
  • If I get my revenge against my nemesis, I will be happy.

The common aspect that drives our day-to-day goals is summarized within the following context:

  • Achieve
  • Have
  • Get

In actuality, it seems more like we are looking for relief rather than happiness. We want to take a long sigh after retiring with believable facts. We want to feel relieved after achieving something that we think drives away the discomforts of life.

The shift from ‘I want’ to ‘I have’ to ‘I am’

Here is a little secret of life: you are what you want.

What would it feel like if a wave asked for water or if the sun asked for fire? 

It would seem that the request is made by elements that have not yet realized their identity.

The core of you is you, your being is your identity.

Therefore, when my client realized this, he shifted from ‘I want’ to ‘I have’ to ‘I am’.

I am happiness

I am energy

I am the solution.

I am…

When you have something, it is in your possession. An object that can be separated from you. You may own it but also lose it, you may control it or it may control you. You may have a red car but may sell it the next day.

On the other hand, being refers to a deeper connection. One where you identify with the characteristic or concept of things. What you think you don’t have is already who you are and it connects with your inner qualities, beliefs, and skills. It is part of your essence or nature. You are the core of your being.

Therefore, when you come upon this realization, there is no further search for happiness, for solutions, or for anything that makes you feel like you are incomplete. You are complete!

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