When the King of Phrygia was granted his wish of turning everything that he touched into gold, little did he fear the consequences. Even though Dionysus, the god of wine and revelry, warned him about the nature of his wish, he paid no heed. His desire for wealth blinded him from what was to come.

The next day, whatever he touched turned into gold, including the tables, the chairs, the flower he wished to smell, his breakfast, water, and so on. He finally sensed fear welling up when he realized that his wish took everything into account, when he said, “I hope that everything I touch becomes gold.

And before he could come to terms with the entirety of his wish, his beloved daughter entered the room. When he hugged her, the unthinkable happened. She had turned into gold as well. Devastated, the king realized the foolishness of his wish.

He cried out and pleaded with Dionysus to take back the wish and turn everything back to normal. Feeling sorry for the king, Dionysus showed him a way to undo the wish. He told the king to go and wash his hands in the river Pactolus. He did exactly as he was told and when he returned to the Palace, everything he had touched before, including his daughter, had become normal again.

He hugged his daughter lovingly, and filled with happiness, decided to share his wealth with the people of his kingdom. From then on, the king became a better person, generous and grateful for everything that he had in life.

“You create yourself in the image you hold in your mind.”

~Thomas Dreier

The story of King Midas is well known and it has a meaningful ending. We learn that happiness is not found in worldly materials, but in the love, we have for one another.

But today, this story also gives us another lesson, and that is, that the energy we create within us is what we radiate in the world. And what we create and radiate, in effect defines our own existence.

For example, if we generate anger inside, it affects us during these three stages:

1.     During the creation process and as the creator, we are the first ones to be impacted

2.     As we are radiating it in the world/environment, it passes through us.

3.     As we are also part of the same world where we have radiated anger, the energy of anger further affects us. It affects us in the form of the external operating environment.

One way to visualize the importance of the above is by imagining the colour of the energy that you are creating, radiating and operating within and without. It is what I call the hashtag#ENERGYWASH.

That color could be any shade depending on your perception. Since the choice of the type of energy we want to create lies with us, you can build your own shade card for the hashtag#ENERGYWASH. For example, you may associate anger with red or peace with white, and love with pink. Now, whenever you are creating the energy, be mindful of the color by which you are carrying out the hashtag#ENERGYWASH. This will empower you to avoid the mistake King Midas made whose hashtag#ENERGYWASH was the color of greed.

Many times, we unknowingly end up carrying out the hashtag#ENERGYWASH with an undesired color, resulting in an outcome contrary to what we envisaged. This begs the question – How do we measure our competency levels of ensuring we are using the color of our choice during hashtag#ENERGYWASH. This is measured by hashtag#FITSCORE.

It begs a question; how do I calculate the hashtag#FITSCORE of my ability to hashtag#ENERGYWASH with the color of my choice? During my coaching journey with leaders and professionals alike, I help them to set up a FIT measurement framework based on the following:

1.     What is the FREQUENCY of consciously choosing my color for hashtag#ENERGYWASH?

2.     What is the INTENSITY of the color I chose for the hashtag#ENERGYWASH?

3.     What is the TENACITY or the holding power of the color I chose for hashtag#ENERGYWASH?

Our ability to hashtag#ENERGYWASH is an extremely important aspect of enhancing our hashtag#SpiritualQuotient (SiQ) – which is the innermost of the 5 dimensions of health and most critical for our Transformation into a Legend.

“Our future is created from the choices we make every minute.”

~Deepak Chopra

I welcome you to conduct a small experiment. As you prepare to respond to a situation – physical, verbal or mental, try consciously to decide on the color of your #ENERGYWASH and document your observations. Maybe the findings pleasantly surprise you as they did for many of my clients. Feel free to share them directly with me or in your response below.

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