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Recreate your life and Find your Untapped Unique Strengths, Power and Reinvent your Career path by Amalgamation of Astrology and Psychometric Analysis
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Ask Yourself These Questions?
  • How do I manage the big transitions in my Life or Career?

  • How do I understand my true nature and know my natural self?

  • How do I discover and plan my legacy that really makes a difference?
  • How do I maintain the work-life-family balance in the changing environment?

  • How do I continue to maintain positivity and my inner balance during the current uncertainty and new business and work norms?
Welcome to the World of Krescon !!!
We are a premium and exclusive Executive and Celebrity coaching & Career mentoring company committed to “Creating Legends” & enabling your deep self–discovery to become mindful of your supreme excellence.
Why Krescon
There are plenty of reasons for you to consider Krescon. All our Coaches are highly experienced, certified, and master coaches in their respective areas. What further makes us stand apart are our unique approach and knowledge base.
Our Clients Speaks:
Krescon is Proud to Invite You To
Astro Profiling
Astro Profiling is an amalgamation of Vedic astrology using birth charts and psychometric tests like DISC, MBTI, Strong Interest Inventory.
As Astro Profiling helps you understand your true nature, thinking pattern, and the visible part of your personality - behavior.
Such understanding will help you have a real deeper understanding of your inner being and true self, which is essential for becoming genuinely aware of your true potential and living life in the heightened state of self-actualization.
Astrology is future-forward & Astro profiling is present forward!
Astro profiling helps a person to better understand his present state and entering into a thrilling future.
Psychometric tests are conducted at the mind level which signifies your behavior and personality 
Our Client Speaks: 
Coach Anish came into my life almost six months back when I was looking for someone to help me with my company’s vision. Being an entrepreneur and a start-up, I tend to get lost in day-to-day operations and forget the reason for starting the company. My sessions with Coach Anish helped me come back on track which turned around my company and my business. Because of him, I am on target as per my business plan for achieving the desired ROI.
Sugato Bose
Co-Founder & CEO SNS - Global Concepts
I enrolled with Coach Anish for his Game is On and am blown away by the results. My background is I am an Architect, and before coming to Coach Anish, I was totally stuck in a self-destructive mode. I had thought of winding up my business and thinking of moving to some other area. Thanks to this program, I got so much clarity about my future direction and avoided those crazy blunders that actually seemed so right to me at that time. Coach Anish helped me save my business, but now I am much more at peace with myself. You Rock, Coach !!!
Manuj Darshan
Architect - India
In case you decide to be with Coach Anish, get ready for a high-powered ride. Looks can be deceiving, and more so in his case. Behind that gentle innocent face is a powerhouse of energy and passion. He will be the driving force for your own good and will not negotiate to back off, an inch. All his sessions are profound, deep, and thought-provoking. I have been with Coach for almost a year, and it has been a fantastic journey. He not only helped me find my Mojo but also pushed me beyond the levels I never knew existed inside me. “We can definitely say a desirable person to work with as a Coach.”
Parijat B.
Toronto, Canada
Our Happy Clients
Mr. Anish (or Coach as he is fondly called by all of us) does a phenomenal mix of findings from birth charts using Vedic Astrology and Psychometric tools. I was simply amazed by the results I got through Astro Profiling. I had approached the Coach to find out if I was in the right field of work or not? I was not very convinced with only the behavior or personality tests and felt something was missing. When coach Anish administered and showed me the results from Astro profiling, I not only got my apprehensions cleared but had my husband also Astro coached by him for his life journey. Thanks, Coach, for all your knowledge and guidance.

Arpana Bhatnagar
Performance Excellence Leader
Toronto, Canada
I had been working in the hotel domain when due to Corona, I lost my job. My career and life were in disarray. During a chance meeting with a friend, she suggested contacting coach Anish. She had also been taking sessions from him for some time and was extremely happy with the outcome. I finally reached coach Anish with a lot of apprehensions as I never had a coach before. My first session was enough to enroll in his program. He made a lot of sense and, instead of using big words keeps the session focussed and easy to follow. However, he is a lot of fun and a taskmaster when tracking our action plans. Its been a fantastic journey to date, and I have seen my world changing for the better due to his constant presence.

Michaela Imonova
Business Executive - Czech Republic
Having spent 25 years in the Industry, I was searching for a direction to have a balance between my personal and professional life. I came across the approach that Krescon has built over years to help executives and it resonated well with me. My journey with Coach Anish started about a year back, when I enrolled for his “Game is On” program. I have no words to thank my Coach for helping me to find the right career direction. In the corporate world, life becomes monotonous and stagnant at times. The sessions with Coach Anish helped me understand my true self and get moving in the right direction. The program made me understand the gaps in my thought process and the steps I need to take in order to bridge the gaps. Today I feel far more empowered and happy with my life and career.
Shashank Gupta
Business Executive - European Markets
Picture right now, how would it feel
when you are able to live a happy life
and get more success by using the power of
Astro Profiling and Astro Coaching in your real life.
The Life you have always dreamt of and which you deserve...
A lot, isn’t it?

You see your Solutions no.

All because you decided this is the day to take the necessary action.

I will see you on the other side.

To your success
Anish Rakheja
  • But what are the outcomes a person achieves by doing Astro profiling with Krescon?

    Ans - Astro Profiling helps a person to understand himself. The results provide deep insights into nature and possible future based on multiple data points. Such future forward-thinking makes the person better prepared for this future.

  • Why you should choose Krescon over others for Astro profiling?

    Ans - A client gets the best of the two worlds. The eastern knowledge meets with the Western approach for a powerful framework. We need to realize it’s a hybrid model – There is definitely Psychometric analysis involved and so are birth chart readings BUT it’s an amalgamation. This gives more data points to analyze from multiple perspectives. Krescon has pioneered this analysis and helping its clients to attain a much higher level of self-awareness.

  • What are the main benefits of Astro profiling of Krescon?

    Ans - Trained Astro Profilers having the background of both psychometric tools and Vedic Astrology

    Done multiple test cases and successful implementation

    Much ahead in the maturity curve compared to any other service provider if any.

  • How we are unique from others?

    Ans - We study each and every component of the birth chart and everything about an individual by the help of astrology and psychometric results which enhance your life and improve your career.

  • Why do I need Legacy Coaching?

    Ans- When you leave a legacy, you leave a meaningful contribution to society. Legacy is so much more than leaving or passing down your possessions. It’s about your learning, values, and making a lasting impact.

  • How Krescon is going to help in identifying my legacy?

    Ans- The flagship offering from the Krescon group will make you think and act on your Legacy Vision along with an inner transformation for a soulful living. The program leverages the ARISE model for a structured approach to our life’s essential aspect – Leaving footprints on the Sands of life. The program is ideally suited for achievers looking for answers to what defines Being Human.​​​​
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