You may have come across the word Legend several times. Most often, it’s about how a musician, a singer, a sports player, or a public figure impacted your life in a way nobody else could. For instance, a lyricist may have written a song that changed the way you looked at the world. A Mathematician may have led you to pursue this subject as a career option. You may recall great freedom fighters and their heroic acts in the name of justice and peace, encouraging you to adopt their values.

Whomever it may be and whatever they may have done, these legends have created a path that inspired you to inherit their principles and emulate their methods to achieve your dreams. Their actions created an echo in your subconscious mind and influenced the decisions you’ve made in your day-to-day lives.

That is the power and influence of a legend.

I too have pondered upon these great people and the fantastic things they’ve done in their time. Their sense of leadership was unique and remembered by all.

However, what makes them legends? Was it their will to make a difference? Was it their passion, their beliefs, or their actions? Or, was it a mix of all of these put together?

Firstly, when you follow a set of values, you develop a personality that is commonly identified by those acquainted with you. For instance, many people may identify you as a person who never settles for less. Alternatively, you may aspire to become the kind of person who stays strong for the entire team, ensures that everyone reaches their goals, and in the process helps you achieve your dreams.

Therefore, being a legend has its significance that sets you apart from the rest.
And, for this, you must adopt the ways of VVIP, which stand for:

V – Vision:
Your VISION transforms you from a servant leader to a savant leader. The pursuit of which makes you a philosopher who can rightly determine the higher purpose of your existence.

V – Values:
The way you stick firmly to your decisions is based on the VALUES you create for yourself and those following your leadership.

I – Identity:
Journeying through a path that creates your IDENTITY defines the person you should become as a leader.

P – Purpose:
Working on defining your PURPOSE; the ‘why’ of your existence to guide you to achieve the goals that you wish to accomplish.

Only in aligning your VALUES, IDENTITY, and PURPOSE with your VISION can you become a refined Leader and ultimately transform yourself into a legend.

So, is there a legend waiting to shine from within? I would love to know your perspective in the comments section.

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