Vedic Astrology- Prediction for Foreign Education

Many students dream of getting a quality foreign education from the top foreign universities, but a few of them can fulfill their dream. Some have insufficient funds and while some of them do not find the right guidance to pursue a foreign education.

Vedic astrology too plays a very important role in the life of the students who are looking for getting a foreign education. Derived from the word “Vedanga” (Eye of the Veda), it is considered to be a modern term for Indian astrology or Hindu astrology. Vedic astrology tells the important events that occur in your life. Your birth chart or Janam Kundli predicts whether you are going to get a foreign education or not.

The astrological combinations present in a student’s Janam Kundli can tell if there is a possibility of getting higher education in the future. Vedic astrology charts are extremely useful for a student as they help in knowing about his instincts. Many yogas indicate that you have a higher chance of studying abroad.

Importance of Houses in Foreign Education

In Vedic Astrology, the 4th and 5th houses are the Karak of education and intellect respectively. The 9th and 10th houses are very important as they help an individual to get higher education & success in his life. If the important houses have a 12th lord (foreign house), the 4th lord (house of secondary education and home), and 5th lord (house of education), then there are higher possibilities that an individual will get higher education from abroad.

Role of Planets in Foreign Education

Planets have a great relation to education in several ways. If a person has powerful mercury, then he will be interested in mathematics, financial management, and medical studies, etc. In Vedic Astrology, some important combinations increase the possibilities of studying abroad such as the connection between the person and the 10th lord, the location of the 9th lord in the twelfth house, the axis of Ketu and Rahu in the 12th house, etc.

Education Horoscope

Education horoscope is believed to have a great impact on predicting foreign education for an individual. The 9th house of a horoscope helps us in predicting higher studies. This house represents higher education in astrology. Another house of education in Vedic astrology is the 8th house which denotes education and is not related to conventional or main-stream education but can relate with any research-oriented or occult study.