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Study abroad has a lot of complexities involved and a majority of students do not know the right way to proceed. Krescon, the leading abroad education consultant in Delhi can show you the right path and guide you professionally. A strategic plan is carried out by the overseas education consultant at Krescon which helps you overcome the obstacles of getting a foreign education. Right from profile building to application submission, Krescon is there to guide you in getting admission in your overseas dream university easily. At Krescon, we use our NDP framework to know about the aptitude of a student and make accurate decisions to shape his career graph.

We offer practical advice to the students who are career conscious and want to get higher education from abroad. Besides this, we assist them in forwarding their applications and also offer them the best ways to fund their study expenditure overseas through many financial & scholarship schemes.

Our study abroad consultant are expert enough to submit your applications at the right time and assist you regarding numerous international admission tests like GRE, IELTS, SAT, PTE, etc.

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Vedic Astrology and Foreign Education

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Our Overseas Education Admission Process

Krescon - abroad education consultant, helps the students in dispelling their confusion regarding picking up the best overseas education. Amongst a wide array of universities, destinations, courses & colleges, we help you in taking the right decision through our unique overseas counselling process.

Planning for getting an education abroad is quite a herculean task for all! However, if you get valuable guidance, the overseas education process becomes a seamless affair. Krescon specializes in choosing the right foreign university for you! Our experienced counselors use the NDP framework to carry out a detailed aptitude analysis of the student to build a better career plan for him. NDP framework is an amalgamation of Natural Tendencies, Desired Attributes & Perceived Interest that helps the counselors to make the right decision for a candidate. Based on the analysis of your basic orientation, aptitude, interests, and personality, we find you the best university & the best course so that you will get the right platform to shape your career ahead.

A statement of purpose or letter of recommendation plays a pivotal role in portraying a student’s personality before the admission committee for getting enrolment in foreign universities. A perfect SOP has a powerful impact on the admission committee and the student’s chances of getting admission to the foreign university are increased. Counselors at Krescon, guide you in writing a perfect statement of purpose or letter of recommendation that will inform the admission committee about your reasons to study in a foreign university. Through a statement of purpose, you will be able to highlight your professional goals, aspirations, and dreams. It makes your profile stronger by covering your personality traits which can’t be mentioned in your academic documents.

Students looking for getting an education abroad are utterly confused over choosing the best course & college as they are unaware of it. Our counselors have immense experience in their field that enables them to remove the confusion of the students regarding opting for a course or college at a foreign university. At Krescon, we guide all the students and see which course is the most suitable for them based on their academics & aspirations. Our counselors prepare a target list of the best colleges & courses for the students by analysing their aptitude, personality, & interests. We also make sure that every student gets expert guidance from us regarding his college selection as that will help in shaping his career path.

Being a best overseas consultants in delhi we discover your innate strength and suggest you a rewarding career track than can lead you to success in your life. Right from the evaluation of your profile through our NDP framework to finalizing your applications, our expert counselors toil very hard to build the best career path for you. We build a strong profile for you based on your interests & academics which will help in increasing your chances of getting admission in your desired college. We guide you through the whole process of your admission and suggest you a practical advice on choosing a program as well as helping you out in your visa applications & funding your studies through scholarships & financial assistance schemes.

Our overseas consultants also assist you in completing your application and then submitting it. For this process, we review your academic background, interests & aptitude to draft an application for you that has a maximum chance of acceptance. Krescon abroad education consultants are well aware of the application process and guide the students at every step so that they might not get lost anywhere. They go through the complete details of the students and then select the best college for them. They always keep themselves updated and notice the developments and changes that happen during the application process. Once they are done with all the required things, they help the students submit their application in time to maximize their chances of admission to overseas universities.

At Krescon, we are aware of the fact that studying abroad is an expensive affair for most of the students. If you are desirous of pursuing a 2- year MBA program from a renowned institute, you might end up spending approx $200,000 which is very costly for an Indian student. So, to lift the burden of funds on your education, our counselors help you get scholarships and financial aid so that you can get your foreign education with a peace of mind. This way, you can study on reduced costs and that too in a renowned university. At Krescon, our counselors search for the institutions that offer financial aid to students & also other institutes that offer merit-based scholars as well as loans.

Q: How much does it cost to study abroad for Indian students?

A: Well, it varies from country to country. For instance, the average fees for international students in the UK start at £10,000 per year along with the additional living cost of £12,180 per year. In the US, the average annual fees for public universities are US$25,620 and $34,740 for private universities.

Q: Which are 5 best Business Schools for an International MBA?

A: The top 5 business schools for getting an international MBA degree are 1. Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), USA 2. Stanford University, USA 3. Harvard University, USA 4. California Institute of Technology (Caltech), USA 5. University of Oxford, United Kingdom

Q: Which are the most popular destinations to study abroad?

A: Every student has his liking or preference when it comes to choosing a foreign country for higher studies. However, the most popular destinations for studying abroad among students are Canada, the UK, the US, Germany, Australia, etc. You can also consider the rankings of these universities to make up your mind.

Q: Which are the different types of education consultants to study abroad?

A: There are many types of education consultants for study abroad: Persons who work for schools or universities & help the students in getting admission, overseas education consultants who are hired by the parents of the students, & consultants who work with the universities for enhancing the learning experience.

Q: What are the reasons to choose Australia for study?

A: Many students prefer to go to Australia for their studies as they are assured of world-class education, work after study options as well as the highest living standards there. Other reasons for heading to Australia for studies are its internationally accredited qualifications & financial aid given by the Govt.

Q: Which is the most popular abroad course?

A: Getting higher education from abroad is increasingly popular among Indian students. Students often get confused over choosing the best course to study abroad as there are innumerable courses to get enrolled. However, the most popular courses are computer science, engineering, business administration, IT, etc.

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