Legacy Creation

What is Legacy? Why should I worry about it? Is it not something that we need to think about when we retire or plan our departure from this world? Is my business not my Legacy, or do I need to think about something more? If you have similar thoughts, you are at the right place and at the right time.

Legacy, in simple words, is what keeps us alive for posterity. It is creating what touches the heart and soul of living beings. Think about it. You may have achieved financial, business, relationship, or even spiritual enlightenment. However, what is that you are leaving behind for your future generation that TRULY matters? In other words, what is the purpose of your BEING HUMAN?

Creating a legacy is essential as it touches the highest level of our existence – The Self Actualization state. As per Abraham Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, a human being has five major requirements, and only after fulfilling all of those, we feel complete. The most important, however, is the topmost layer which is our purpose and value. Once we can fulfill that need, we will experience completeness and finally eliminate that nagging feeling of something still missing from our lives. Legacy is about fulfilling that void.

Legacy can take different forms. It can be your knowledge, values, institution, service, or as simple as your business or personal possession. There is only one measure to evaluate or identify your Legacy. It is what matters to you at the visceral level, deep down in your guts, that you always wanted to share with your fellow beings. Consider Legacy your gift to the future.

Like any other business venture, it all starts with identifying your real Legacy and then putting that thought into action and ensuring it has all the support systems required to be efficient, effective, sustainable and scalable.

Our experienced coaches help you write the Legacy Vision and become an accountability partner to convert the vision into an extraordinary reality. So, create your Legacy, touch the lives of fellow beings and experience the true meaning of being human. The root outcome is attaining the ultimate self-actualization state, which is the pinnacle of soulful existence.

Can you still afford to delay any longer? Do you believe we will have time, opportunity or energy to work on legacy if we work on it only near retirement? Join our program ‘Back to the Roots – Legacy for Posterity’ and experience a living as never before.

Legacy is when you no longer have to Introduce Yourself

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