Family Business Coaching

Krescon Coaches offers extremely confidential & personalized services to Business Families. If you are part of a Family Business and any of the following questions crossed your mind, please continue reading.

  • How do we effectively manage the next generation’s ambitions, skills, roles, and expectations?
  • In what ways can we ensure our Legacy lives on through future generations?
  • How do we proactively work out succession planning to preempt any inter or intra generation conflict and rivalry?
  • What is the possible future role of the different family members to ensure engagement, continuity, and growth?
  • What differentiates a successful generative business family from a stagnated family business?
  • What is the survival tool kit to remain relevant in the current fast-changing environment?
  • What are the best practices adopted by the multigenerational family business across the globe?

Business Families are the backbone of the nation’s economy and contributing to upward of 60% of any country’s GDP; 80% plus of Industrial output, and employ almost 70% of the working population. It is also a fact most of the family businesses shut down before they reach the 3rd generation. The study shows that only 13% of the family business makes it past the 2nd generation and only 4% beyond the 4th generation.

Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success

- Henry Ford

The single biggest reason for their demise is the unstructured or informal way of preserving their Legacy through the different generations.

Krescon offers you a structured methodology to plan your Legacy based on tried and tested Global best practices spearheaded by their internationally certified Family Business Coaches (FBC).

We have developed a transformative framework for sustaining and growing the family business legacy and ensuring the business’s actual values, culture, and identity do not get diluted in today’s fast-changing business world. The framework operates on the 5S of success mantra in the Family Business legacy.

The family serves the business. Neither will do well if the business is run to serve the family

- Peter Drucker

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