Family Business Advisory

Your Legacy is what is worth living for and makes our dying worthy and meaningful. As the creator and custodian of the family business legacy, you hold an essential responsibility to ensure that your Legacy continues to thrive and survive over multiple generations. In our working with Business Owners (BO) across the globe, going through the usual business fluctuations, conflicts, disputes, and other such disruptions, one thing was common – Legacy preservation at any cost. The importance of Legacy sustainability serves as the True North giving direction and basis for solving all the family business dilemmas.

We appreciate and acknowledge Business Owners desire to preserve their Legacies. The passion and emotional connection with one’s Legacy become our inspiration to develop a robust framework that serves as a faithful guide for assessing your current readiness regarding your Legacy’s survival. The framework also allows you to identify the next steps required for a structured approach to Legacy preservation and growth.

ARISE © Coaching Framework for Family Business Legacy assessment has five major components:


  • Understanding the DNA of existence
  • Gratitude towards Founder members
  • Acknowledging stakeholders & owners


  • Aligning the Vision Value Identity & Purpose (VVIP)
  • Creating Family Business Constitution (FBC)
  • Collaborating as a Family Tribe


  • Defining Governance Structure Family
  • Business Board (FBB) & Family Council (FC)
  • Development and recruiting family talent
  • Designing communication channels


  • Competency & Accountability framework
  • Family Business Office
  • Emergency response and Business continuity
  • Entrepreneurial Spirit of growth and agility


  • Family Business Philanthropy (FBP)
  • Blessings of the Patriarch
  • Transition Planning
  • Strengthening the core values

The only rock I know that stays steady, the only institution I know that works, is the family.

-Lee Iacocca

Krescon Family Business Office

We invite all Family Businesses to a unique Krescon Family Business Office (KFBO) offering that combines both standard Family Office (FO) services with Krescon Family Business Coaching (FBC). The amalgamation of both services addresses the industry’s long-standing need of an integrated offering. Our family business coach works with our legal and financial partners and manages the Family Business Office in a dedicated or shared model. We also provide such services on virtual mode and in different hybrid model as per the need of our clients.

Our KFBO services are ideally suited for Ultra High Net Worth Individuals (UHNWIs); Single or Multiple Business Families looking to survive and grow through multiple generations. KFBO addresses the all-important questions like:

  • How do we prepare our children for a purposeful and productive life?
  • What can we do to ensure our legacy continues through next generation?
  • How do we ensure the continuity of business despite emergencies including untimely demise of a key stake holder?
  • What can enable us to proactively avoid any possible dispute or conflicts within family members?
  • How do we manage communication within different family members; owners and stakeholders?
  • What can enable a proper governance structure around personal, family and business wealth and asset management?
  • How do we manage different stakeholders and family members thus ensuring their continuous support?

Connect with us now and let’s partner for a meaningful journey towards ensuring your Legacy lives on.

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