Career Transition

In case you are stuck in a job or a career that is not right to you, or if you are retiring out of your current role or position and wondering about your next game in life, we are there for you. The anxieties of our job and career impact our lives and the lives of the people around us for whom we care. Can you still afford to delay deciding to find your true calling, knowing that the cost of postponing to act is often much more than we usually imagine?
The research shows that the majority of us choose our careers not by choice but by chance. We all make the best use of the opportunities presented to us at the different junction of our lives in anticipation of discovering our true passion. Sometimes, we get lucky, but most of the time, we do not.

An average person spends approx forty percent of his life hours in some work or profession. It is hence, imperative that the career option that he decides upon has to be well thought out to experience inner satisfaction. Our experienced career transition coaches use the most powerful techniques available to humanity, ranging from Ancient Vedic Wisdom of Astrology to the Western Scientific rigor of Psychometric analysis to identify the true natural career that connects with you viscerally.
We follow it up by facilitating creating a realistic and practical implementation plan with SMART goals and milestones using our patented ARISE coaching framework. Our coaches become your accountability partner, standing next to you at every stage, ensuring regular tracking timely elimination of any challenges, obstacles, or roadblocks that can derail your progress.

Experience the power of Coaching with Krescon and take the all-important step towards mega living.
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Being the richest man in the cemetery doesn’t matter to me. Going to bed at night saying we’ve done something wonderful, that’s what matters to me. - Steve Jobs.

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