The world is full of aspirations and ambitions. We set our targets and work day in and
out to fulfill them. But what if our hard earned efforts are not taken care of by our
generations to come.

Have we ever given a thought to the legacy we are leaving behind?

Are we just leaving or passing our possessions to our loved ones and calling it a

Legacy is about our own learnings and values that we leave behind and make a lasting
impact. But how is it possible to pass on our thoughts as time changes so does the
thought process of the new generation!

This is where legacy coaching steps in and plays a pivotal role. It’s a process of letting a
person discover his “true identity” and a coach assists in the process of self knowledge.
In the due course, the individual gets an opportunity to unleash his highest potential,
and is empowered to create a legacy for the world to be celebrated by all.

The Almighty has created every individual uniquely and to know your inner potentials is
the greatest discovery of one’s lifetime. But is it only enough to know about your true
self ? What if you are able to channelize your highest potential? Isn’t it something
amazing one would love to be a part of?

Legacy coaching enables a person to discover his true self and steer the power to
create a legacy that will leave the soul in tranquility.

Now the most prominent question is, do all have a desire to create a legacy? Certainly
not! As many people believe in living the life as it comes to them and the only few who
strived to create a legacy leave a remarkable impression on the minds of the people,
who celebrate their absence even when these legends are not alive among us.

Benefits of Legacy Coaching

Let us comprehend what are the benefits of legacy coaching and how you can become
a legend with the help of a coach.

  1. Fulfilment of Self Actualization needs:

    Maslow’s hierarchy of needs elaborates the psychological needs in a five-tier model of
    human needs.The needs belonging to the lower hierarchy must be satisfied before a person climbs up
    to attain the higher needs in the hierarchy of needs.Maslow enunciates that the biological needs such as food, clothing, shelter, and other
    basic requirements for human survival should be fulfilled to let a human body function
    optimally. Our safety needs are imperative so they are fulfilled by the family and society.
    Once our needs of being loved and cared are fulfilled, our esteemed needs awaits

    Maslow classified esteemed needs into two categories: (i) esteem for oneself (dignity,
    achievement, mastery, independence) and (ii) the desire for reputation or respect from
    others (e.g., status, prestige).

    The highest level in Maslow’s hierarchy and refer to the realization of a person’s
    potential, self-fulfillment, seeking personal growth, and peak experiences.

    Once a person discovers his potential, he seeks to grow higher in his respective life.

    Legacy coaching is the means to reach your goals by unleashing your potential
    and empowering your true-self!

  2. Clarity of Goals

    After being aware of your true self, one needs to know the exact goal of his life.Legacy coaching enables you to find your goals and work upon them at the right time in
    your life.You are an asset to the world who possesses the ability to create a legacy!

    A coach provides you with his knowledge and experience of coaching and guiding a
    person towards a better life.

    It is not just a better life that legacy coaching will help you reach, rather it is the
    purposeful life that the coaching will leave you with!

  3. True-identity

    A coach is there to assist you to answer a very basic yet crucial question *Who are
    you?”!Through psychometric tests and a few other models of personality assessment, a
    person will be able to know more about himself.We all are different from one another, in our very unique lives.

    We all have diversifying personality types. When we are to answer ourselves as who we
    are and what traits define our personality type, we certainly have to assess our
    personality with the property devised techniques.

    Assessment frameworks such as MBTI STRONG Accreditation helps a person know
    himself with precision.

    After having known your personality-type, you exercise to work upon your strength and

    Legends are not born, they are created! Legacy coaching creates legends by
    capacitating them to build a legacy for future generations.

  4. Purposeful Life

    Ask yourself a question, what is the purpose of your life? Is your purpose confined to
    living a life for yourself, only? Or you are the one who wants to utilize his expertise in
    the betterment of others’ lives and impact the world around you!!!!“Self-actualization” leads one to discover one’s “self-identity”. It makes a person find
    meaning in his life, redefining the life and thus, redirecting it to a purposeful one.Legacy coaching guides you to find a purpose in your life.
  5. Contributing a Gift to Future Generations-Leaving a Legacy behind

    Ever experienced an “Ah-ha moment” in your life? Perhaps many times. But that’s not
    the true ah-ha moment.When you look behind in the middle of your life, you must see your deeds reflecting in
    the younger generation.Legends from history like, Swami Vivekananda, Martin Luther King, and many others
    devoted their lives by bringing in their knowledge and wisdom for the welfare of

    Every legend has a coach behind, who anchored his efforts and uplifted his potential to
    hit the goal post at the right time in his life.

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