Today, getting a foreign education is everybody’s dream and Vedic astrology might be the key to it. Studying abroad in a strange country seems a daunting task for many but it is certainly a life-changing experience.
Nobody is sure whether he will get admission to a foreign university or not? Many questions hover in the mind of students like “Which is the best country to study?” “How to choose the right course?”. However, the burning question remains the same which is “Would I be able to study abroad?”
Many students are confused about whether they would be able to get enrolled in a foreign university or not? Amid this confusion, they take shelter in Vedic astrology to find out if they have the chance to cross oceans to get higher education.

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Role of Vedic Astrology in Foreign Education

Vedic Astrology is derived from Vedanga which means “Eye of the Veda”. It is a modern term for Hindu Astrology or Indian Astrology. Vedic Astrology is believed to have an important role in telling the events of your life. Your Janam Kundli i.e. birth chart predicts your possibilities of getting a foreign education.

The astrological combinations shown in the Janam Kundli can predict your chances of going abroad to study. Vedic astrology charts help an individual to recognize his instincts. We can see the desire of studying abroad clearly through Vedic astrology.
Let’s have a look at some combinations that can make you visit foreign lands to study there. There are many yogas in Vedic astrology that provide strong indications that you are likely to get an education abroad.

Importance of Houses in Vedic Astrology to Identify the Chances of a Foreign Education

According to Vedic Astrology, the 4th house is the Karak of education & the 5th house shows intellect. 2nd house is the house of speech and as per the astrology, Goddess Saraswati lives in this house. 9th and 10th houses are believed to be extremely important as they help the individual make high achievements and get higher education.

Both- Education well as intellect maintains a close relationship. In case the significant houses have 12th lord i.e. Foreign house, the 4th lord i.e. secondary education & home & 5th lord i.e. education, then there are high chances that an individual will go abroad for education. In case 9th, 12th & 5th lords are joined together, then also there are high chances of going abroad.

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Role of Planets in Foreign Education

Planets are related to education in different ways. If an individual has powerful mercury, he is likely to get interested in financial management, medical studies, & mathematics. Rahu & Saturn are the chief Karakas of International education.
Other Important Combinations in Vedic Astrology that increase your chances to study abroad are: –

  • The connection between the individual & the 10th lord.
  • The positioning of 9th lord in 12th house
  • The axis of Rahu & Ketu in the 12th house
  • The presence of Saturn & Jupiter in the houses
  • When the 4th lord is positioned in 12thConnection with the 5th house to the 12th house
  • When mercury is in the 4th house

If the above-mentioned houses as well as their lords are well positioned in the natal chart of an individual, he will undoubtedly get the superior quality of education. But if they are not well placed, they are going to have a negative effect on his education prospects.


Students willing to study abroad make sincere efforts in getting enrolled in a foreign university. However, apart from the focus, hard work & devotion, astrological combinations also play a pivotal role in getting higher education from abroad.

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