Have you ever imagined why most of the students prefer to pursue higher studies from an Australian university? What makes Australian education different from other countries.?
Well, several reasons make Australia the most preferred place to study for international students. Australia is not just the home of Kangaroos but is the centre of an excellent education system that offers the highest living standards & personal development to the students. Studying in Australia can be daunting for an Indian student who doesn’t know about this country, however, the perks & rewards in terms of personal development and educational excellence are enough to pacify him. It is a multi-cultural English-speaking nation that offers a safe as well as a friendly society where students can learn freely.

  • Easy Student Visa

Australia’s streamlined student visa process makes it one of the most sought-after countries for higher education. But you must meet some requirements to get your visa application approved such as your acceptance in an educational institution & the right amount of funds for completing your study. Apart from that, you also need health insurance for the time you are staying in the country.

  • Recognition of Australian Qualification

Australia offers internationally accredited qualifications, which is also one of the positives of studying here. A degree obtained from an Australian University is recognized by educational institutions & employers across the globe. Apart from that, a majority of the country’s courses & training are covered under the Australian Qualification Framework, an authorized learning system by the Government of Australia.

  • Job Opportunities

Australia offers a variety of job options in different fields. A majority of jobs are available for healthcare professionals as well as doctors as the country welcomes professionals from the medical field. Apart from this, job opportunities are also growing continuously in other fields such as commercial analysis, civil design, digital marketing, facilities management, aeronautics, event management, data analysis, etc. Students who are struggling hard to fund their education in Australia can take up part-time jobs and pay their fees by earning money out of these jobs. They can work for 20 hours every week while studying that can surely help them regarding paying their education fees.

  • Easy Communication

A majority of Australians speak the English language which is a global communication language. As English is spoken in the country, Indian students can easily understand what the Australians are saying. So, there are no language-related challenges while studying and living in this country. Apart from that, interacting with Australians is extremely easy as most of them speak English. Although, understanding some of the Australian slangs can be a bit tougher, yet you will be accustomed to it also during your stay here.

  • Scholarship Options

The biggest challenge before a student wishing to obtain a foreign degree is the huge fee structure of a course. Every student is not able to collect funds for foreign education. Keeping this in mind, the Australian government keeps approx. $200 million aside for international students who enrol into Australian universities. These scholarships are usually based on merit and anyone with good merit can get the benefit of it. Students who are desirous of getting scholarships can inquire about these scholarship schemes from their universities’ financial assistance department and know more about them.
The quality life of Australia, its climate & job opportunities attract Indian students to this amazing country. In the future, the trend of choosing Australia as a study destination will increase more and more. Australia is just behind the leading study destinations of the world- the UK & the US and can overtake them in the future.

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