Every year, there is a lot of rush seen in visa centres & consulates in the months of June & July for the paperwork related to studying abroad. But this year, everything seems to be completely changed due to the COVID-19 outbreak.
In the time of the corona pandemic, there is much anxiety and stress amongst the students. In the current scenario, overseas education consultancy companies experience a large drop in the demand for foreign education.
Students too are seeking other options as US & other European countries are infected with COVID-19.
Should Students Join this year?
So, the important question here is that should students join any course at a foreign university? Well, the corona pandemic has shattered the dreams of the students including those who are likely to join in the fall semester.

  • California State University stated that it will rely on the remote instruction in the semester that starts in August.
  • Stanford University has also chosen online education to be the default teaching alternative for 2020-21.
  • Oxford and Cambridge University have agreed on the suspension of all the lectures for the next year. They say that there would be online classes in case of any change in the guidance of the government.
  • A few universities in the UK as well as the US are providing an alternative to the international students to defer their programs to the next semester. Other universities have chosen to start online classes until the improvement in the situation.
  • Singapore is welcoming the students on its campus and they have maintained social distancing by dividing the residential places into dormitories & allowing fewer students in the libraries.
  • In the current scenario, there is much uncertainly about getting jobs in the US. The students are scared of the idea of going back to India with a costly degree as the job opportunities are decreasing day by day. Many of the students have decided to pursue higher studies from a foreign country just to get a decent job there.
  • The ongoing crisis has a far-reaching impact on the Indian students who wanted to study abroad as per a global education network named QS.
  • In Pepperdine University, California, all admission events as well as on-ground classes are moved to the online format. Here campuses are open but unnecessary events are postponed or canceled. Its staff and faculty are working remotely.
  • At Eastern Michigan University, the candidates can submit the applications for the Fall 2020 semester which won’t start till early September.

When foreign universities are expected to start the classes?
The possibility is that the foreign universities can start their classes in September or October month as they have less attendance in their offices. They are not supposed to start things during this situation. So, they need time for that. So, the best thing for them and the students is to start online classes. But that must be a challenge for all the students because in that case, they will miss the experience of the initial days at the university. They will miss the orientation and the connections they will make after reaching the university. Virtual or online classes can’t provide them this experience. Joining the college will also be much challenging for them as they will find it hard to adapt to the colleges.
Many students will still like to go ahead. They will postpone their plans for the next semester or change their study destination. However, how the countries will handle the effects of the pandemic will also be noteworthy for them and will decide as to what they will do to cope up with this situation.

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