The moment a child enters class X, there is a lively debate in every household regarding his future career and the class XI stream selection. Unfortunately, In India, the process of finalizing the subjects for class XI does not have a structured approach. Often, the choice is made by first eliminating the subjects that the parents feel has a low future potential or will be challenging to pursue, based on the child’s past academic performance. Out of the remaining subjects, they then try to work out the best possible combinations. The approach leads to ambiguity and confusion, which is further accentuated by the clash between the parent’s expectations and the child’s views, highly influenced by his peer groups or elder siblings.
In today’s world, the parents are also reluctant to go against the wishes of the child but are rightfully worried about leaving the decision entirely in the young inexperienced hands. The confusion gives rise to fear of uncertainty, and it emanates because the current approach lacks a comprehensive evaluation of a child’s natural tendencies and inherent strengths. Ideally, that should form the primary considerations for any career decision making process.
We at Krescon leverage our flagship NDP framework to assess the child’s key attributes and objectively identify the possible career options. The evaluation process starts with understanding the family expectations, evaluating the child’s natural tendencies, and analyzing the psychometric test result. The three-pronged approach ensures a holistic assessment of the child and forms the critical drivers in identifying the possible career options. The next step is to shortlist the relevant colleges based on important parameters like the faculty, infrastructure, and placement records. The final step is to recommend the subject areas and the stream for class XI keeping in mind the identified career path and the target colleges for the child.
This focused approach provides a clear direction to the child as well as a well-defined future road map to the parents. Our experience shows that once the child is convinced and satisfied with his subject choices, it also has a positive impact on his grades, thereby improving the chances to get through his dream college and pursue his right career for a great future.

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