Astro Profiling

Astrology’s powerful ancient Vedic wisdom meets Psychometric assessment’s scientific rigor to create a phenomenal multi-dimensional map about your whole being. The outcome provides a crystal clear picture of your current existence with a sneak preview into the possible future. Such invaluable insights offer a fantastic and unmatched advantage while planning your own or your loved one’s future, career, business, or life.
Astro-profiling starts with the preparation of the birth charts. The next step is a rigorous study of those charts based on Ancient Vedic knowledge. Finally, our coaches study the outcomes in conjunction with the findings of the relevant Psychometric assessment.
An Astro coach who has profound knowledge and experience in astrology and is a certified psychometric assessor carries out such profiling, bringing immense value for the client in personal and professional life.
Astro Profiling raises awareness for both the coach and the coachee, making the coaching sessions more effective. A coach who understands the client better can structure the sessions accordingly for creating maximum value and result. Astro profiling helps him precisely to do that effectively.

Unmatched benefits of Astro profiling:
  • Best of both the worlds – Ancient Eastern wisdom & Western Scientific rigor.
  • Deeper understanding about Self with a clear path for future living.
  • Increased awareness of one’s true and natural potential.
  • Multi-Dimensional profiling that provides more than a static snapshot of the current existence.
  • Clarity in understanding the events happening in one’s life for planning a brighter future.
  • Ø High Value and impactful Coaching engagement.

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The starry vault of heaven is in fact the open book of cosmic projection

– Carl Jung

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